Miniso Pakistan is a Japanese store. It has products related to cosmetics, skin care, kitchen ware, toys and some basic electronics (Which I will give an over all overview at the end of this article.

MINISO Faisalabad Location

Minsio Japan has two branches in Faisalabad. One is located in Meshak ul Mall, opposite to Imtiaz in Mc Donald’s lane. The other one is in Siatars Mall. Which one is better I can’t say because I have only visited Misaak ul Mall Minsio yet. This branch is much smaller than Lahore Miniso for sure.

I visited it 2 weeks ago. And here is my detailed review of each product that I bought.

First the products I like from Miniso and recommend you to buy:

1-Sheet masks for face

Miniso, Miniso Faisalabad sheet masks

Price: 250 rupees for a set of 3 sheet masks

Use: paste the sheet mask on face and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Keep gentle massaging of face over the mask. And then take off the mask.

If you feel uneasy then give a rinse to your face with Plain water and tap dry with towel.

I apply these masks before sleeping. So I rinse in the morning and let the serums of mask do their magic during night time.

Review: Miniso have option of various flavors like avocado, orange, kiwi etc. You can choose any of your liking.

They are rich with serums.

The products is so well filled in the masks that there is extra with in the packs to rub on your hands and feet.

The skin feels really cool and rejuvenated.

After taking off mask. The skin feels much softer

Comparsion with Garneir face sheet masks

Garnier’s one sheet mask is of 250 to 280 rupees. Where as in Miniso you can get 3 in only 250 rupees.

But quality wise Garnier’s is better than Miniso’s face masks. The result of Garnier Hydra bomb sheet mask is much more efficient than Miniso sheet masks.

But apart from comparison with Garneir, Minsio sheet masks are really good.

Similar products:

There were set of 3 masks in 250

and another set was of 2 sheet masks in 400 rupees which were claimed to be even better.

Verdict for sheet masks: Recommended

2-POWER BANK from MINISO Faisalabad :

Miniso Miniso Faisalabad Power bank

Price: 1300 RUPEES

Size: 4.5 inches wide, 2.5 inches tall

Power details:

 Input :DC 5V- 2.0 A

Output: DC5V- 2.0 a

Cell capacity: 4000 mAh

Rate capacity: 2600 mAh

Rated energy: 12. 87 Wh

Miniso Power bank

Use: to charge cell phone when direct electric sources is not available

Colors: powder pink, shocking pink, blue etc

Review :

It has been my 10th day of use.

It is working quite well.

It charges one whole I phone 6 and than another almost 60 %. For me this is quite enough

Verdict for Power bank: recommended

Similar products:

There were other more powerful power banks in 1800 rupees as well.


Miniso Chappal Miniso Faisalabad flipflops

Price: 500 rupees

Size: multiple sizes were available

Review :

The flip flop chappals are really cute. And mainly these were available in 2 prints- strips and some block kind of prints.

It has been 10 days that I have continuously worn these flip flops. There is no break or crack yet. I also did around 1 hours continuous walk in them.

For walk they are not that comfortable, the strip itches my skin a little bit. But for regular use inside home, they feel perfect. In the long run if I feel any harm I would update you guys on our facebook page.

Verdict for Flip Flops:  recommended

4-Make up Pouches

miniso make up pouches

Price: 250 rupees

Size: 6,7 inch wide- 4, 5 inch tall (approx.) for smaller

7,8 inches wide-5 to 6 inches tall for bigger one

Use: to put all make up essentials

Colors: Many beautiful colors are available powder pink, powder blue, black etc

Review :

The make up pouches have a huge variety in terms of colors and tag lines/prints printed on them

They are made of fake leather

Quality is not too bad. In this price they are quite good and have quite wide space too put all your make up essentials.

I bought 2 make up pouches,both in 250 rupees.

Verdict for make up pouches: highly recommended

Second the products I DO NOT like and DO NOT recommend you to buy

5-Face scrubber tool

miniso scrubber
miniso Faisalabad scrubber

Price: 250 rupees

Size: 1 ½ inch long and 1 ½ inch wide (approx.)


Take some cleanser on the scrubber and gently massage your face with it.

The small pointed marks will take off dead skin and exfoliate the surface.

 It will also help in blood circulation.


It is not good for sensitive skin. On my first use it caused me redness and small milky pimple, both disappeared after few hours .

Then on my 3rd and 4th use. It did not cause redness but it feels harsh for skin.

The quality of scrubber is good but would expect it even more soft for sensitive skin

Verdict: not recommended

Similar products:

I bought the manual scrubber. There were electronic scrubber as well. You can put batteries and it will vibrate and help in efficient massaging.

I have seen these scrubber being used by many Arab youtubers and they recommend it as well. But perhaps it is good for their skin.

Electronic scrubber were in 400 to 500 rupees range.

6-Manicure Kit

miniso manicure kit

I also bought a whole manicure kit

Price: 400 rupees

Size: everything was of normal size like the tools were 4,5 inches long

Use: different manicure tools are used at different stages of cleaning and massaging your hands to get glowy effect

miniso Faisalabad manicure kit

Tools in the kit:

  • The kit has one giant scrubber
  • 1 fingers’ holder tool
  • a nail cutter
  • cuticle removing tool
  • skin pushing tool.
  • And it has a small bag to keep all tools in it

Review :

The nail cutter is of extremely poor quality. It did not cut my nails even at the first use

Cuticle remover works fine. Not too efficiently but not worst.

Nail skin pushing tool is of a little rubbery feel which is not good for nail.

The scrubbing spatula is too harsh to be used on hands. It is so coarse that one can only rub bottom of feet with it

Verdict: Not recommended

7-Buffers for Nails:

miniso buffer

Price: 250 rupees for a set of two pieces.

Use: first gently rub the coarse side of buffer on nails to take off all roughness and then rub the soft side of buffer to make the nails supper shiny.

Review: the coarse side is too too coarse. The coarse side feels like it is too rub a wall and not nails. The soft side does not do any thing at all.

Verdict: not recommended at all

Over all review of Make up products of MINISO:

Foundation ,bb creams and face powders

There were foundations, cushion foundation and liquid both,bb creams and various powders.

Minsio foundations & bb cream were of very light coverage.

They were too whitish for my brown-ish complexion

Foundations were of 1000 rupees range

Blush ons and mascara:

miniso blush on

Blush ons were again too light baby pink.

On brown skin tone they are hardly noticeable.

Blush ons were in 600- 800 range

Mascara was good in terms of giving length to lashes becuase it had a very thin tip but it did not provide any volume

Mascara was in 600 rupees

miniso Faisalabad

There were shimmery eye pencils, eye liners etc

Lipsticks and lip glosses:

They had cute light pink shades and some very dark orangy and red shades in lip sticks. Most lip glosses were of light colors like Japanese apply. Lipsticks were in 600 rupees range and you can find good options there.

Nail Polishes

There were very cute colors of nail polishes like Japanese girls apply.There were baby pink, ash grey, powder blue, powder pink colors available.

There was deal in nail polishes. Buy any 2 in 350 rupees and buy any 2 in 500 rupees.

I would highly recommend their nail polishes


There was quite a good variety of perfumes in 500 to 1000 range. There was a range of perfumer related to zodic signs and they are quite famous among young girls. For me their perfumes have very very strong scent.

Over all review of Skincare products

The face masks are really good. There are a lot of options of face skincare tools. I am not sure of their effectiveness. There were electronic srubbers as I mentioned in beginning.

There were electronic brush based facial cleansing tool in 1000 rupees.

There was an electronic spray tool for spraying water/ rose water on your skin. That was I think in 800 to 1000 rupees (that I felt might be good for winters when face gets really dry especially around heaters)

There were very good quality derma rollers in 600- to 1000 rupees price range, based on size and quality. Derma rollers are highly recommended for face slimming and blood circulation. I will for sure buy one on my next visit.

For manicure and pedicure I would say the products were of very low quality and you should not buy.

Over all review of bags and electronics

There were good options in bags.

Most bags I saw in Miniso Faisalabad are of small sizes but very cute designs. There were cross bags, back packs etc. The quality looked average but the prices were quite reasonable like I think 1000-2000 rupees.

There were wallets as well. I did not like the designs. There were some very small men wallets’ style female wallets. Then there were long notebook style wallets as well. The wallets has 2 ranges. One in 500 rupees and other in 800 rupees.

There were head phones, small speaker. The head phones were of 2300 rupees and speaker were also in the same range. I did not delve much in electronics.


Miniso is a tricky store. I would recommend you to read or watch reviews and then buy things from there. 90 % of things were made in china so you never know which one won’t work.

The things I have bought 50% are useful and 50 % are not. Miniso is a good place to visit i would say but you gotta to be very smart while buying stuff because everything looks cute. But not everything is durable so first do your little research and then visit and smartly buy things.

Ask me questions in comment box related to Miniso products if you have any.

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