Loreal Skin Perfection Cleanser-to buy or not to buy? [Product Review]

So I am a cleanser person for last 5 to 6 years every since I am applying make up. I have used all sorts of cleanser. I can say with complete surety there is no one best product for everyone (can’t say about high end products since I have never used them). Each cleanser works best for specific set of people depending upon their skin type.

Product details:

size: 200 ml

types: comes in two types Pinkish and white (I am using white, my sister is using pink and honestly I haven’t felt any difference

price: 800 to 1100 rupees (though the price should be fixed but different sellers are buying it on different prices between 800 to 1100)

I would recommend you to buy from wholesale people because that would save you some good money

so let’s see if Loreal cleanser can be good for you:

On my elder sister’s suggestion I bought this cleanser since she was a huge fan of it. It is good, very light & smooth and does clean the skin but here is why I have left using it


1)cleanse well if there is less make up on face.

2)I never felt it did deep cleansing, it did remove my make up but the feeling of thorough cleansing I never felt it.

3)I always used another cleanser or soap after Loreal one to ensure all the product is removed cause I even felt as the cleanser itself is left on my face.

4)the most annoying part for me was that I really needed a huge amount of product for one wash to clean my face.

So I don’t dislike this product it does cleansing and it is good for daily use at the end of day to remove all dirt but for deep cleansing still my best choice is double action cleanser by Golden Girl Cosmetics (its product review link is as follows:

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