latte e te hi tea sweets
the cakes were as delicious as they look, especially the ones with red topping!

So I am not a very social person neither do I like hanging out at places which are rushy and have people who are strangers. But once in a while either my sisters or my close friends are able to drag me out and take me to some eat out place. This time it was my friends who wanted me to hang out with them, so all of a sudden I called them and asked them if we could all meet up and my social as hell friends said an instant yes.

Like all girls we had a trouble of finding the restaurant we should dine in but eventually we settled the battle and went to LATTE E TE, in Kohinoor, Faisalabad. My friend liked the place so she suggested me to try a new place rather than always going for Chinese food.

so after doing my mathematical calculations of how much I wanted to eat (which is always a lot) and how much we all would spent we decided to take LATTE E TE’s hi tea and here is my review:


latte te hi tea korma
this was mouth watering, literally!

well there was a huge number of food items available. A year back I had Hi Tea in Dynasty and I liked their food items but LATTE E TE had even more. Roughly the items I remember were:

latte e te hi tea chicken dish

i)In the beginning they served us melon juice one serving and other things were
ii) pasta with spicy sauce
iii)Mushrooms made in white sauce
iv)vegetables rice
v)fried zinger chicken
vi)butter chicken
vii)chicken korma and naan
viii)beef stir fries salad
ix)gol gappay
x) club sandwiches
xi pizza slices

though I missed not having Raita in menu

In sweets there were all sorts of cakes and brownies, mouses and pudding and cookies
and a cup of complimentary tea at the end


latte e te hi tea pizza slices

well most of the items were cooked very well but lemme go through each quickly

first the good ones and then the average ones

i) Chicken korma was beyond awesome, very well cooked
Naan were super ordinary not very tasty, as I have eaten of so many good places.
iii) Butter chicken was really good soft and juicy.
iv) Pasta was extremely delicious with super spicy sauce, a little too spicy actually.
v) Vegetable rice were too too dry as well.
vi) Beef stir fried salad was really good but would be liked by people who like beef.
viii) Mushroom in white sauce was actually not mushrooms rather thin fillets of chicken cooked in mushroom style but that was average.
ix) Golgappay were ordinary because no chutnneys were served with them. But the ‘khatta’ (sour water for dipping) was mouthwatering. we drank it on its own as well.
x) zinger chicken was a bit dry but not bad at all.

xi) Pizza and Sandwiches were good with cheese all over

xii) Sweets had good brownies, some cakes were good and some were dry. The cake pieces with berries topping were tasty as hell. Cookies were average and mouse we did not try because we were too full to move 😉


latte e te restaurant ambiance

Well one of my friend like their ambiance a lot especially because of one of the book racks placed at the entrance. For me the ambiance is good, the decor and styling is average but what I liked the most is that it wasn’t too crowded like Forksmand knives Kohinoor, so you would not find people staring or a lot of noise. Though awkward people exist every where and restaurant does not have a fault in it. Literally a man was sitting with legs wide open and feet placed on chair across him, and he looked extremely inappropriate (even the waiters looked irritated by his behavior).

I would say the ambiance in comparison to Stone Ove Allied Mor branch is 8/10 because stone ove has 9.5/10 ambiance.


well whenever I visit Forks and Knives Faisalabad or Stone Ove I find their staff extremely inappropriate unprofessional and extra friendly so much so that I avoid going there altogether. But LATTE E TE’s staff was very well behaved and reasonable they talked politely and did not unnecessarily smiled or talked or got frank and cleared the table when asked. The best staff I have found in Faisalabad in any restaurant.


The high tea was of 850 rupees excluding tax which makes it around I think 900 rupees.

Considering the high tea prices around including Serena Faisalabad’s it is not that bad a deal at all.


Especially if you are all girls, it is the best place to be for having good quality food, nice interior,comfortable environment and decent staff.

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