Klarity Oxymud cocoa jar with product inside

for how long I have used Oxymud mask

I used One whole large jar, lasted for about 4 months (used twice a week)

KLARITY OXYMUD mask jar with mask inside


The packaging is really good. Top class jar quality with mask inside protected with a thin lid under the main covering lid. The spatula is of good quality as well and is not break able. Jar quality is so good that I have even kept it after the product is finished and I keep my valuable jewelry in it now.

Review of Oxymud mask:

The product arrived safely in bubble sheet packaging with a jar packed in a proper hard card box. The packaging exactly matched the price standard.The mask has thick paste like consistency and has a fragrance of cocoa powder/chocolate. The product feel is sticky like a cake batter but gets applied easily. The product lasts easily for 4 to 5 months if used once or twice a week.

Klarity oxymud mask after making bubbles on face


1. quite effectively skin tightening (the best benefit I have found of it)
2. gives a very smooth texture to skin
3. retains the natural oils of skin and does not make you feel too oily or too dry afterwards.
4. before make up, if applied, gives a very matte finish to face.
5. and again I would reiterate this lifts face really well and gives beautiful glow.


1. super expensive
2. Sometimes, especially under running fan, it does not make bubbles (but still works effectively)

How to apply Oxymud Mask:

apply it with given spatula or with finger on entire face (not too thick or thin layer) and let it sit for 15 minuets until it turns into bubbles. Wash it afterwards and towel tap dry

Quantity & price:

3500 Rupees 100ml jar

2500 rupees for 30 ML jar

Rating: 5/5

where to get it from: I bought it from their official Facebook page, the link is as follows


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