KILLING EVE-Binge Worthy- TV Series Review

Theme: a female assassin with zero remorse and cold heart kills people for money. The problem is she is beautiful, intelligent, smart and very sharp to be caught by the woman who is obsessed with this assassin.

Genre: crime thriller

Why should you watch?

1-It is a crime series like many other but what makes it different is amazing dialogues of the lead actor, her clever art of switching between different accent.

2- It is suspenseful, dark but comical and funny at the same time.

3-The lead character is a witty, wise woman who is doing everything evil and wrong and yet lovable because of her charm.

Who should watch?

People who

1-Love crime series

2-Enjoy chunky smart dialogues

3-Diverse cast

4-like women in lead roles

How many seasons so far:

2 seasons

Season one is really good and keeps you hooked but Season 2 has not lived up to the expectations and have takes the story to un-interesting paths

How I rate it: 4.8/5 season 1 , 3/5 season 2

IMDb rating: 8.3/10

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