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The duchess Kate Middleton arrived in Pakistan on 15th October along with her husband Prince William. Since the time the duchess landed in Pakistan her style, dress up and her constant comparison with Princess Diana is under massive discussion. Though undoubtedly the duchess looked spectacular in each of her attire but this massive microscopic analysis of her appearance and not of her contribution to social causes is problematic at both Pakistani and international level.

But let’s think things through at Pakistani level first to aware ourselves of the shallowness we are thriving at:

1-Praising western women for wearing shalwar kameez and respecting our cultural values is hypocrisy at its best. I mean if a Pakistani woman wear jeans and shirt or skirt in a western country, shouldn’t she be appreciated by her country fellows for respecting the western country’s local culture since she is visiting them. Why do we are still so drenched in the shallow pride of our culture as the better culture when so many kids are being raped and murdered on daily basis.

2-The simplest of all, if someone looks good, Praise them, Period. Don’t draw comparison between our actors and their royals. The duchess Kate Middleton chooses of her freewill what she wants to wear, and when she wants she wears short skirts or skin revealing dresses as well, setting her example for Pakistani women to be standard of modesty is ridiculous and uncalled for. As she is free to wear what she wants, Pakistani women should be allowed and not rebuked on what they chose to wear.Most of all women lecturing other women on modest clothing is disgust-ful. Do not unsolicited-ly force your morals on other people.

3-Thirdly, the moment a Western person wears shalwar kameez or utters a single word of Urdu; our colonial mentality forgets every unfair dealing of them and starts harping on the tune of their praise and grandness. I still remember when Bill Clinton came Pakistan and addressed Pakistani nation. On national TV Clinton threatened Pakistan to support afghan war or be dragged into Stone Age, the nation still praised him for starting the speech with “asslam ulikum”. There are no free lunches at international level, them wearing shalwar kameez does not mean that they have valued our sacrifices in war on terrorism or they did not make any contribution in war in middle east in alliance with US.

4-The saddest thing is that patriarchy is not just a Pakistani local issue; it is still a very much international and thriving matter globally and for some reason the world has yet not understood the importance of both genders being equally empowered. Never on a single visit is Prince William judged on the basis of his appearance. He is never criticized of wearing too covered or too exposing, or too commoner or too royal clothing. He is analyzed on the basis of what he does and what he says. However on the other hand, Kate Middleton on every single of her visit is compared with Princess Diana, and how she is trying but not meeting up her mother-in-law’s level of grace and kindness. If not with Diana then she is compared with Meghan Markel. We just don’t let the women be. We do not take them as a human being with an individual intellectual identity.


1-First Pakistani women MUST stop dignifying Kate Middleton’s dress up choice (those are just clothes) and refrain from bashing Pakistani celebrities for their clothing choice. Kate Middleton very much wears what she wants and so should be allowed to all women anywhere in the world.

2-There should be less discussion on how she looks and more on what she is doing.

3-Most importantly learn to praise people as individuals for what and who they are. And heal yourself from the sickness of unnecessary comparison to elevate one just to degrade the other.

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