Johnson Baby Oil- Perfect Skin Care Product for adults

so my youngest sister has severe skin dryness problem and ever since she was in university I have seen her applying lotions and creams on her face, hands and feet but she always complained that she needs multiple applications and once she exposes her skin to outside her skin gets cracky dry again.

One of her friends gave her suggestion to use baby oil rather than lotion and she is in all praise for this trick ever since.

She has used only Johnson baby oil. A 200 ml bottle is around 250 rupees. And she has following suggestion for use

Baby oil as serum:

to remove skin dry-ness use it before sleeping at night. All night it will soak into your skin and in the morning you will have smooth plump skin.

Baby oil as primer:

Also in the morning for dry skinned people rather than a primer, use baby oil to prime your skin

Baby oil as lotion

My sister uses baby oil mostly as lotion she keep it in her bad and after washing her hands or face applies a small quantity.


in all cases, whether you are using it for lotion, primer or serum only use a tiny amount since it’s oil and you don’t need to go all crazy, just take a tiny drop and gently apply by massaging on face and hands.

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