ISHQ ZAHE NASEEB a drama with amazing idea and poor start

Many Pakistani drama writers are finally moving away from the themes of women conspiring against each other. One such drama that has grabbed audience’ attention is Ishq Zahe Naseeb. Ever since the trailer of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was launched people appreciated its making and experimentation with a sensitive subject. Ishq Zhe Nasseb appears to be a story of a successful man who suffers from either schizophrenia or split personality disorder. A person who is struggling with his demons secretively.

From the trailer it looked that Ishq Zahe Nasseb would begin with a powerful start. It would right away jump into the issue at hand and then explore the past of the main character and the related characters gradually. But for last three episodes everything seems quite average. The drama has a very typical beginning and it feels we are watching yet another drama where a ‘nand’ and ‘bhabhi’ hate each other, and one is trying to exploit the other to gain undue advantage.

I wish a serial that has come up with such a different, difficult and challenging theme of mental illness dealt the building up of it in the same way. But for last three episodes all we are getting is how there are ‘majobbor’ crying daughters who would be (like always) sacrificed at the name of honor and poverty. Many people would argue against my opinion that since society is like this so drama show what real life is.

Number#1 Society is not always the miserable women with no solution, for once we should show women taking control of things and handling life.

Number#2 if a unique idea is adopted than an equally unique and powerful way of picturing and reflecting that idea should be taken too. When you try to play safe with a new idea, the idea get doubted more than the impact it should create.

Number# 3 literature and art has not always shown what is in society but it has for years shown what society should be like (the idea of aircrafts was first depicted in a paintings) similarly our dramas can blend tragedy, pain with a real life normalcy as well.

Our typical dramas reflect life to be the pinnacle of tragedy where one wrong happens after another but then in the last episode everything magically gets better and we get a “happily ever after” potion to calm down our frustration of watching sob stories. This is exactly what happened in Ranjha Rajha Kardi , it was such an amazing story but apparently one woman seemed to have all tragedies of the world but in the end got settled with half-life in a happily eve after way. (Read review of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi here

Ishq Zahe Naseeb hopefully does not take a few more episodes and a few more heart wrenching tragedies to come to the central theme and character.

Another concern that I have regarding this drama is that it might not deal with mental illness the right way. Mental illnesses have been horribly handled in Hollywood. People with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or split personality are always shown to be unknowingly evil, who can’t live a normal life. Bates Motel is one such example where the central character is shown direly evil unknowingly.

Hopefully Ishq zahe naseeb handles mental illness the human way. It is able to show that people with metal illness struggle and suffer just like people with physical illness, but just with many physical disabilities people manage to live a normal life with a job, a home and responsibilities same can be done by mentally ill person.

And just like if physical illness is left un-attended it gets toxic and debilitating, same happens in case of mental illness where if untreated you can be harmful for yourself or others but other wise with medical help one can strive and manage to live a normal life.

I have still very high hopes from Ishq Zahe Naseeb because it is dealing with issue which is so effort-fully brushed under carpet. Ishq zahe naseeb  will at least begin the debate about talking mental illness out in the open.

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