BEST Aioli sauce recipe & Meal prep-Ideas

so this week just to give over view I did a lot of chores. I love cooking for my family and every weekend I cook something special for everyone at my home.

On Saturday I made muttor pullaow, dahy bhallay, kachomar salad and chicken aaloo kbabs:

On Sunday, however, I tried a new item, Aioli sauce recipe that I learnt from TastyFood facebook page. The sauce is used for burgers and sandwiches. It turned out really, really good and since then I have twice made sandwiches and enjoyed. I would strongly recommend you to have it stored in your fridge:

Aioli sauce recipe in its final look

Aioli Sauce Recipe


1 big clove of garlic

1 or 2 whole peppers

half a lemon

salt to taste

1 egg yolk

1 whole egg

cooking oil (Canola best) half a cup

method of making Aioli sauce recipe:

put 1 egg and egg yolk in the blender and blend it for about 20 seconds. Then add garlic clove, red whole pepper, squeezed lemon juice, salt and blend it for 30 more seconds. Now add drop by drop oil for 30 second (make sure not to skip this adding of oil drop by drop for 30 seconds). After 30 seconds pour in the rest of oil in single long streak and gradually the mixture will turn into a thick mayonnaise like paste. And Volah your aioli sauce recipe is all successful and ready to be smoothed over breads and buns 🙂 😉

aioli sauce recipe in its final look

Meal Prep for office lunch

After trying aioli sauce recipe I meal prep-ed for this week. I always, every weekend, prepare five lunch boxes for my work place lunch. This keeps me healthy and filled as well. Before, I used to cook five or three different meals but now I cook same dish for whole week and then mix and match it with rice, roty or box of salad to create variation. This time I cooked red beans for my lunch, well I guess no one needs my simple recipe but I am adding picks to give you a glance of taste I created 😛 😉

My try at Vanilla Ice cream

I also made Vanilla ice cream and condensed milk at home for my ice cream. Follow the link to read in detail my ice cream and condensed milk recipes

Hopefully my routines are mildly interesting for you. If not I would love to hear from your side.

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