what is face powder?

Face powder is dry powder that helps your base (foundation and bb cream) to stay at its place on face skin.

Various application styles of face powder and their reasons:

1)Thin/light application of face powder

i)some people apply a very thin layer of powder just barely to let the base sit on skin so that face does not look cakey or artificially Matt.

Note: For natural looking skin thin application is best.

2)thick/heavy application of face powder

ii)some people apply heavy application of powder for two reasons i.e.

a) one to get full coverage that means to further hide spots or marks that are not completely hidden by foundation (bb cream or foundation cream).

b) secondly, in places of high humidity or heat due to sweating light application of powder gets melted or disappears really quickly and therefore causes your foundation to melt or gets removed either by sweating or your use of tissue etc.

Note: if you have to apply heavy make, and if you have to keep make up for long time like entire day, or if you live at a humid place and you won’t have constant air conditioning you should go for heavy application of powder


1) Rimmel Stay Matte face Powder Review

Price: 700-750 rupees (price is different in different stores but it stay between the mentioned range

Shades Range: it comes in 7 different shades (Transparent , Natural, Sandstorm, Silky Beige, Creamy Natural, Buff Beige, Creamy Beige

My experience:

I use sandstorm 004 (My skin tone is medium to light dark-ish)

i)I am using it for last 7 years, mainly because it gives me very natural matte finish. And on daily basis I don’t require heavy coverage.

ii)However, if I require heavy coverage I apply it three to four times with a kabuki brush and then press it with sponge/make cushion and it works really fine for me.

iii) since I use it on daily basis, I need to buy a new powder every other month and it is very reasonable price wise as well.

Packaging: very simple, transparent lid and a pan (with applicator)


a)light weight powder in feel

b)gives natural looking finish

c)blends smoothly

d)quite affordable


a)packaging is not high quality, easily breakable lid

the lid has a big crack as you can see!

b)very light coverage, not good to apply before heavy make up application

c)no sponge or brush is in the packaging

d)frequent touch ups required

c)not good for dry skin

How to Use:

a)You can apply product with a make up cushion by tapping the cushion on product and then tapping same product on the cushion on your skin.

b)I first apply with a buffer brush and than pat it in my skin with a make up cushion.


Price: 750- 1000 rupees (different stores are selling with in this range)

Shades Range : basically this powder comes in two lines/ranges

i)I mean to say that with the same product name, one line comes in different powder shades with light pink casing which has yellowish undertone

ii)and the other line comes in white casing with different powder shades which has whitish beige undertone

note: in light Pink casing it has four shades light 01, nude 02, natural 03, sand beige 04

in white casing I am not sure how many shades are available because I only have seen one shade in store.


i) the outer box for both lines is light blue with product name written in the center (the inner casing as told above is either light pink or white depending upon which line range you are buying)

ii)extremely good packaging, sturdy plastic material that doesn’t break if falls on ground.

iii)Has good sized mirror in the inner side of lid

iv) and comes with good quality application cushion

My Experience:

I have Nude Beige 02 with light pink casing

I don’t use it on daily basis because it gives quite a lot of coverage and on daily basis it looks quite artificial. But I do use it for a party or function. I use it with an application cushion provided within the casing of the product.

sometimes I apply this powder only above my dark spots and on rest of area I use Rimmel powder


i)good coverage

ii)provides matte finish which is really good for party or function make up

iii)evens out the skin tone

iv)has light fragrance

v)has SPF 26

vi)suits sensitive skin (as I have)

vii)good packaging

viii)price friendly

ix) easily available in different stores like Alfatah, SB, D watson etc


i) very limited number of shades (mostly suitable for light or medium skin tones, nothing is for medium to dark skin.

ii)does not give a very natural look, specially sometimes if applied not correctly can make patches.


I have used both powders and in my opinion both are good. One is better for daily use and the other for party or functions’ day.

But if correctly used both products can be used for daily and party events. Both can be applied with light coverage or heavy coverage.

you should choose depending upon your priority whether you like to cover all dark spots or you want a very natural finish on skin.

Rimmel Powder: 3.8/5

Mayblline powder: 3.8/5

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