How I went from 60 Kg to 50 kg [weight loss tricks]

How I maintain my weight around 50 kg with 5.2 feet Height

So in 2017 I returned back from US almost after spending 1 year there. And since so much had to be done by myself there, I started relying on ready-made food. And in the end, as I was closing down everything, I did not buy much grocery for last 15 days and just ate Nutella day in and day out. And though my weight always remains around 50kg, I suddenly became 60 kg.

When I arrived in Pakistan my parents and my siblings were shocked, they couldn’t believe it because never in my life I was that heavy, though 60 kg is not that big of a deal. So I got super worried and on insistence of my sisters decided to do something about my weight gain. Here are the things that I did and got the results. But first Remember, it can’t happen in 10 days, as so many people might swear. Easy weight loss leads to easy weight gain, so focus on longevity of weight maintenance. So let’s get into what I did!

doesn’t she look absolute fitness goals 🙂

Reduced carbs, oil

Well in US I used to eat a lot of pasta and bread and fried potato chips because they needed least cooking time so after returning I eliminated them from my life. I still did eat roti and rice though.

3 liters of water every day

I promised myself to drink lots and lots of water. I made a target of drinking 3 liters of water. I would fill up a one and a half liter empty bottle of coca cola and kept drinking.

Reduced portion size

As I mentioned earlier I did not stop eating roti or rice because I craved for them while I was out of country but I certainly reduced my portion size. I made roti of small dough of kneaded wheat and made a thin roti or ate half a plate of rice.

Eliminated maximum snacks

If I felt hungry because of small portions I ate fruits or salads or sometimes literally boiled peas and ate them. And I remember eating pop corns to fill myself. But completely, completely eliminated any cold drinks, juice or lays etc.

Walked maximum 10,000 steps a day or at least 6000 step a day

good pair of shoes helps you walk more !

And what I did and still do and works most effective for me is that I completed daily requirement of steps. According to weight, different people are suggested different number of steps requirement to complete by walking or jogging each day. At that time I made sure to every day at most walk 10,000 steps or some days if I was tired I walked 6000 steps at least but I did not go a day without steps. There are good pedometer apps available in play store and IOS for step counting you can install them.

So now the question is in how much time I reduced my weight, so I am not a person who can starve myself, so I kept a steady diet and though it might not be really impressive for you but I lost 10 kgs in 3 months. Though it is a bit long time to lose 10 kg but trust me my balanced strategy helped me to maintain my weight till now in 2019. And I still manage my weight around 50 kg. So go for an effective long lasting solution rather than easy short term approaches. And one thing is to be consistent, don’t lose hope, or don’t keep checking weight every other day. Keep maintaining your routine or plan and check it after two weeks if necessary.

I do eat snacks now, drinks colas and lays etc. and if I feel I am gaining weight I walk more steps that day or drink more water. Instantly, I take measures the moment I feel I am gaining weight again.

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