Though I don’t have a lot of facial hair and the hair growth is quite thin as well but I like my skin completely smooth so that my make up application looks flawless, so basically to achieve clean make up look I make sure to remove my facial hair. I mostly remove hair from my face through wax because it not only removes hair but also gives me clean smooth skin afterwards. Though a friend of mine warned me that waxing facial skin makes it saggy but somehow I ignored it though it might be true because a lot of pulling happens while waxing, though through my way serious pulling or jerk is avoided. So here is how I wax my facial hair


1-read to use wax (i use soft touch wax)
2-small strips of hard paper (I take printer paper)
3-spatula or any flat stick to apply wax

*since it is ready to use wax so you don’t need to melt it though in winters it gets a bit stiff and needs melting

1-take a small strip of paper about two inches long
2-apply thin smooth layer of wax on paper through the help of spatula( I use back of steal spoon to apply wax on strip) leave a small portion of strip at the end and don’t apply wax there (we will pull the paper from that portion of paper) see picture 3 above.
3-now start from one side of face , put the paper strip with wax and tap it with hand to make sure face hair of that area gets stick to the strip of paper
4-now once you are sure all hair under strip area are stuck to paper, sharply and quickly pull the strip by holding the strip from the little area that was left from putting wax on it

NOTE 1: *pull strip in opposite direction of hair growth, like usually the hair of face side are downwards so pull the strip upwards
*repeat the procedure on the entire face

NOTE 2: if certain area of your face is sensitive don’t wax there because it may damage or cause rashes (like I avoid my T zone)

Note 3:Make sure to apply good amount of moisturizer right away after waxing to sooth-en your skin from pulling pressure and not to get red marks or scars


I know what you are thinking, shaving your face like seriously it’s a man thing. Well no it’s not a men’ thing because many top actresses are doing it for years. Marilyn Monroe is known for shaving her facial hair because it made her skin neater. Not just her many top models shave their face you can check Vogue beauty series with models on youtube , even HUDA beauty uploaded a tutorial shaving her face, so it’s not an unsafe thing at all. Here is link of Huda Beauty shaving her facial hair

Now you might be thinking the hair must come thicker and denser

well NO the hair don’t come thicker or denser at all, they come back as usual same thickness and same density.

For How long I am doing it?
well I started shaving once I saw Huda beauty’s tutorial on shaving facial hair and I think it’s been more than 1 year that she uploaded that tutorial so I will say between waxing and shaving I have done it quite a few times perhaps like 10 to 15 times.
The only problem is that my skin is really sensitive and I do get pimples if I put a little pressure of razor on my face other wise I quite often shave my forehead hair with shaver



1-Razor (either take the one usually available in market for girls or the best option is to take razor that is for eye brows because it is much gentler and easy to handle)
2-any soft cleanser or moisturizer


1-The procedure is really simple apply cleanser/moisturizer on your face make sure it doesn’t dry down.
2-start from one side of your face and very very gently without too much pressure shave the hair (make sure to move razor in the direction of hair and not opposite, we want hair to be removed and not pulled out to cause rashes or pimples)
3-and repeat the same process throughout the face

I avoid my t zone and don’t shave their cause my skin is sensitive

NOTE: while shaving, keep cleaning the shaver’s blades cause it will get filled with cleanser

keep slightly moisturizing or wetting your cleanser on face and don’t let it go dry

Most of all gently move the razor and don’t go hard on skin. you need to be really really careful while doing it because otherwise you can cause cuts or bruises to your skin.

after shaving result

I switch between shaving and waxing, depending upon my skin condition at a particular time. which one is better
waxing is better but it takes too much time
shaving is easier and almost gets the job done equally well.

So do try but at your own risk I do it and this works well for me. Do give me your feedback

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