so a little fun fact about me, I am an extremely domestic person though I have a full 9 to 5 professional job but I love spending time at home. I don’t like going out, shopping or even eat out (not that I don’t do it but being at home is my favorite thing to do)

And as I like spending time home I keep myself busy with interesting creative chores. so last to last week I made a face toner and face essence at home.

I learnt about this toner from a school friend of mine when I was in school years back, and as out of no where I remembered that her mom made this toner for her. I searched pinterest and ensured that the recipe she told me I remember it correctly.

Today I will be sharing only the toner recipe (we will do face essence some day else

For How Long I am Using it

exactly too weeks

Results I have noticed of all it has reduced my break outs (pimples) that I am having for quite a while now.

though i don’t have too many pimples but I did get one or two regularly for quite a few months and suddenly after using this toner, no more pimple has appeared so far.

2.reduced open pores to a huge extent.

I have open pores problem and I hate it cause it makes my make up application a little flawed (in my opinion) so after using I have felt a serious change. My pores are much tightened now.

3.smooth skin

I actually feel my skin is hydrated.As summers are here and drinking a lot of water is important, giving water to skin in the form of toner is perfect for instant fresh looking and feeling skin.

4.removing my acne/pimples marks: so I would n’t say my acne marks are completely gone but certainly they are diminishing


things needed:


2. rose water


1.peel off the cucumber’skin

2.grate cucumber

3.and squeeze maximum juice out of the grated cucumber

4.take 3 table spoons of rose water and 3 table spoons of cucumber juice in a 50 ml bottle and shake it well

wolah! your home made easy DIY toner for face skin care is ready. Use it before sleeping at night and use it in the morning before applying any moisturizer.

spray it on your face and than tap it in your skin to get good results

do try it and let me know with your feedback!

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