We all love Hira Mani for her flamboyant personality, her extempore jokes and her bubbly personality but at the same time we know that the girl has a verbal diarrhea of spitting views that are conventionally popular but logically incorrect. In Fahad Mustafa’s show Hira was out rightly corrected by the host for saying men are more intelligent than women. Her statements in her famous interview with Samina Peerzada were also criticized a lot.

And this time in her latest interview, with Ibex Media House, she has repeated her views about women which perhaps would settle with masses quiet correctly because we live in a culture where we are fed with the idea of women to be all sacrificing and obedient, though Hira herself is living way more independent and empowering life but her views about women may have fatal and toxic impact for general society. The top 5 things she said that make us cringe are (I would quote her exact words):

1-Woman is the one who keeps everything right:

She said, ‘Woman is the one who keeps everything right.’ We are so conditioned to this belief that women are the ones who are to put their best effort and who have to compromise and sacrifice to make things right. It is not that Hira Mani is coming from a place of negativity perhaps this is what she genuinely believes in but we need to question these notions to break these standards. Women are human beings who need things to be right around them as much as they are supposed to make things right for others. So, No! a woman is not the one who keeps everything right all the time, she makes mistakes, & it should be ok for her to make mistakes and she should not be the only one making things and keeping things right.

2-A woman is not a woman who can’t solve her own problems

To say ‘a woman is not a woman who can’t solve her own problem’ is extremely unrealistic and hurtful. Not all the time you can be a ninja to handle things right and in life you need friends, relatives, acquaintances to get you through troubles. To propagate this very typical Pakistani concept of keeping a good face, even if you are breaking inside is what is causing so many relationships to be strained and so many women to be depressed and mentally fatigued. If a woman can’t solve her problems, she should ask other women, her dear ones to extend their help, there is nothing wrong with that.

3-For Solving your(women) problems you should not need anyone

Woman should not need any one to solve problems, again this typical Pakistani societal concept that get yourself suffocated in heart but keep a smiling face. This is completely wrong, if you need any one- be it a family member, a doctor or a friend, talk to them and ask for help. Obviously, not just women but even men should be smart in asking for help, meaning -to carefully choose people to share your problems with. But to say you are only good as long as you keep it inside you is outright stupid and idiotic.

4-Women of ‘Aurat March’ are not women

Out of everything she said about women this is the most offensive one that women of Aurat March are not women & she said we are not like the women of Aurat march women. What does that mean? Who are Aurat March’ women? And how do you define that they are not normal? Or that they are inferior or indecent. Aurat march women are working for women independennce and equal rights and many such women in past worked hard and borne a lot of criticism for doing the same in past perhaps not by marches but by protests and other ways, so Hira Mani being able to act on TV and become a career woman after kids is made possible by the sacrifice and dedication of women who were exactly like the women of Aurat March. So I strongly protest and abhor what Hira Mani said about Aurat March women.

5-We (the common women) are very covered and hidden (protected) women

She also mentioned, continuing her comparison between herself and Aurat March women, that we are like our mothers, hidden, covered and protected, She said she did not mean it in terms of clothing but in general behavior. This is a typical behavior of privileged women that they pick and choose elements of culture and society for their personal gain and discredit others for winning general popular opinion. Since she dresses boldly unlike her mother so it is ok for her to scrap off that rule but since now she does not speak boldly about women exploitation in marches so that means that makes such women uncovered and un-eastern.

In Samina Peerzada’s show Rewind with Samina Peerzada Hira Mani bragged about having affairs with men before her marriage (which we have no problem with), she laughed on how cleverly she stole her best friend’s boyfriend, her now husband, & apparently , according to Hira Mani, we are supposed to be ok with all that despite in popular Pakistani opinion these are all traits of ‘un-holy’ and ‘un-cultured’ women,  but still Mrs. Mani believes women who march for equal rights, equal pay and equal domestic responsibilities are to be laughed at and looked down at, women still should be trained to make everything right for everyone around and work triple just at the cost of wanting to have a career.

I am not against this celebrity or this person at all, rather as I wrote in the beginning Hira Mani has an amusing personality but a lot of times our media personalities, to get more view, more interviews and more social media and TV presence, say things that agree with popular opinion of common people with less awareness and this is not just wrong but manipulative because such celebrities themselves enjoy all the facilities and independence that a woman deserves but they close doors for many others who follow them and consider their views as logical. Many men who are Hira Mani’s fans and followers might want to have same expectations from their wives- to look perfect, to create perfect family, to never ask for help and to never need anyone. So this attitude needs to be rejected and our celebrities need to be insisted in speaking carefully and consciously.

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