Hadiqa Kiani salon House 107 BLOCK A People's Colony near small D ground Faisalabad
Hadiqa Kiani salon House 107 BLOCK A People’s Colony near small D ground Faisalabad



1-Hadiqa kiani Salon Main branch is in people’s colony near small D ground, House 107 block A.

2-The new branch of Hadiqa Kiani Salon Faisalabad is at jail road near agriculture university.

Hadiqa Kiani Salon main branch contact is: 0300 6651444

This review is of main branch of People’s colony

AVAILABLE SERVICES at Hadiqa Kiani Salon:

1-Facial (4 to 5 ranges)

2-Hair (all services like cutting,balayage, extenso, rebounding etc.)

3-Make up (all services e.g. party, bridal etc.)

4-Massage (shoulders, full body etc.)

5-Wax (arms, legs, full body etc.)

Note: In facials and hair Hadiqa Kiani salon regularly offers impressive deals, which saves you quite a lot of money


1-For all facials first you inform and make the payment at front desk.

2-Then you are asked to wait in the waiting area and the service girls prepare material for respective facial.

3-Then you are accompanied to facial cabins, which are small walled wooden cabins. One cabin is assigned to one customer dealt by one service girl.

Cabins Review:

Cabins of Hadiqa Kiani Salon with air conditioning facility
Cabins of Hadiqa Kiani Salon with air conditioning facility

1- Cabins are wooden partition and have a small bed placed inside. There is a side table with racks. On racks all the material for facial is placed. There is also one machine for steaming and one for black head removal placed on side of bed.

bed inside cabin with racks and machines for facial
bed inside cabin with racks and machines for facial

2-There is good air conditioning available for all cabins. They have dim to no light in cabins for relaxed environment. Light mediation music is played during facial which gives a very calming effect.

3-Mostly the beds have clean sheets, gowns and towels placed on them. If you feel anything is a little dirty, you can ask the service girl to get it changed and they instantly bring the newer and cleaner ones.


Deal 1 Review:

Price: 1500 rupees

Major services: polisher, cleansing, scrubbing, half arms’ & legs’ wax. Eye brows and upper lips’ threading.

Hadiqa Kiani Salon, Hadiqa Kiani salon Faisalabad facial deal 1

1-The facial material is prepared beforehand, the customer can’t see the brand of products used for this facial. But the quality is good because my little sister got this facial a few times and did not get any allergy or anything else.

2-It is a very basic facial. And can be done at home because it includes polisher, scrub and mask.

3-But the good thing is the facial massage. I have been to most of salons in Faisalabad and I can say with guarantee that no other parlor provides as good facial massage as Hadiqa Kiani Salon.


1-This is a good facial deal for teenage girls who are not having a lot of facial skin problems. Because intense massage by the salon provides good blood circulation and cleansing to face.

2-This deal has benefit for girls who have tough hair on arms and legs because it offers half arm and legs wax service as well.

3-This is a very basic facial, so I would not recommend it to mature skin girls like above 30 years or girls with serious skin issues like marks and texture problems

Deal 2 Review

Price:2000 rupees

deal 2 from Hadiqa Kiani salon faisalabad

Major services:  herbal facial, polisher, shoulder massage, hands and feet polisher. Nail shape, eye brows and upper lips threading

1-The facial material is prepared beforehand, the customer can’t see the brand of products used for this deal ] as well. I have personally taken this facial quite a few times and had satisfying result.

2-This is also one of the basic facials.

3-This facial is good but in comparison to deal 2, deal 1 is better.

4- Deal 1 offers waxing which is a big hassle at home and if offered in salon is a great relief. Whereas deal 2 does not provide wax option and just offers hand and feet polisher. Hand and feet polisher does not do much to hands and feet if you regularly moisturize your hand and feet at home.


So in comparison between deal 1 and 2, I would suggest you to choose deal 1 which is much cheaper and offer better services.

Deal 3 Review: Fruit Facial

Price: 3200 rupees

deal 3 from hadiqa kiani salon facials

Major services: fruit whitening facial, fruit polisher, massage, manicure, pedicure. Eye brows and upper lips threading

1-I have taken this deal for the longest time and I have liked it a lot.

2-One because in this deal the parlor provides really long and good shoulder massage. This massage actually makes your face and shoulder relaxed. The best part is that along with hand and feet polisher , they give you meni pedi services too.

3-The meni pedi in this deal is quite good. The hand and feet glow really well. My skin is normal to oily and super sensitive but I have never had any allergic reaction to anything at all.


This is the best option for girls on budget but with mature and problematic skin.

Deal 4 Review: Jenson Facial

Price: 5500 rupees

deal 4 from Hadiqa kiani salon facials Faisalabad

Major services: Jenson Facial, polisher, hand and feet polisher. OPI/BCL Manicure and pedicure. Eye brows and upper lips threading

1-Unlike other facial, in Jenson facial they do bring actual Jenson products in front of you. So one becomes sure of the quality of products being used.

2-This is one of the best facial one can get. It is expensive but totally worth the money.

3-Jenson products themselves have a very high reputation in the market. And on top these Jenson products are very appropriately applied by HK  parlour.

4-They give a very long massage, use steamers and machine tools to remove black and white heads.

5-The best part is BCL/OPI Menicure and Pedicure. Your hand and feet glow and shine for a long time after meni pedi.

The effect of this facial lasts for a good whole month.

Deal 5: Derma Facial

Price:  6800 rupees

deal 5 hadiqa kiani salon facials

Major services: derma polisher, facial, shoulder massage, hand and feet polisher. Hands and feet Meni pedi. Eye brows and upper lips threading

Review: I have never taken this facial so can’t speak for it. But as I asked the service girls, this facial is basically for problematic skin. Girls with intense acne, pigmentation, scars are recommended to have derma facial.


1-The staff is extremely well trained.

2-They behave and talk nicely. If you inform that you are not satisfied with certain result, they do it again. I sometimes feel unhappy about nail buffing and they always redo it for me.

3-Though some service girls do say typical salon girls’ things like ‘oh my God you have so much marks etc. Hope they are trained in not saying such stupid things.


1-Service quality is very professional.

2-Customer can take appointments beforehand and can request to get service from a specific girl of their choice (with whose service they are more satisfied, I usually ask for Komal she is really good a t doing facial)


1-Sometimes I do feel that they behave a bit lazy but if you inform the front desk, the matter is looked after right away.

2-Also the head of both branches Ms. Ayesha Rana is very efficient in dealing with complaints. She shares her personal number with customers and if there is any inconvenience on the part of customer she takes it very seriously.


waiting area of Hadiqa kiani Salon Faisalabad
waiting area of Hadiqa kiani Salon Faisalabad

The ambiance at people’s colony branch is good. Everything is decorated well but since it is a house it does not give a very luxurious vibe. There is more homely feeling in people’s colony branch. They have plants, lanterns, and other decorative stuff. Each service area has huge screen Television placed as well.

waiting area of Hadiqa kiani Salon Faisalabad
waiting area of Hadiqa kiani Salon Faisalabad
front desk area can be seen from waiting area at HK Salon
front desk area can be seen from waiting area at HK Salon

Where as the jail road branch has a very top class corporate outlook. On the following link you can read about jail road branch Hadiqa Kiani Salon:


Hadiqa Kiani Salon is really good for facials. I, my sisters, and my closest friends get regular services from People’s colony branch and are very satisfied.

1-My friend got her hair dyed from there. She was not satisfied with her hair dye result because it got removed really quickly and even the color result was not up to her desired tone.

2-Also for bridal make up, I have noticed that they do a very cakey matte make up look. The brides are usually made to look very white-ish which is never my choice. But the prices for bridal make up are again better than many reputed salons of city.

3-The owner, Ms. Ayesha Rana and all other managers and service girls are very patient. If you talk with them beforehand and tell them your requirements, they very keenly listen and follow them.

I would highly, highly recommend this Hadiqa Kiani salon for facials, Meni, Pedis, waxing, massages.

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