so yesterday I visited new branch of Hadiqa Kiani parlor on jail road.

I am a regular customer of their people’s colony branch and I loved going there every month but from my home it was 18 kilometers away. And with this new branch it is way nearer but since it has been just one week that it got opened I was not sure how good it would be.

so I would review it from three perspectives:



so this new branch is spectacularly lavished like corporate organizations. The peoples colony branch is decorated much like a modern home but the jail road branch has a complete corporate look with wide reception, comfortable sofas and numerous LED lights. Once you enter the entrance you actually feel as you have walked into luxurious brand outlet


so most of the staff has been moved from people’s colony branch to this jail road branch, especially all facial service girls,which is really good because they are trained. though i missed massage of my previous girl who used to do my facial there.
Girls for meni pedi were all new hired but they were really well behaved and if I asked them to do a certain thing again, like I asked for buffing of nails again, they did it instantly. however they lacked skills in massage and removing cuticles hopefully it would be worked on as customers would increase.

Over all most of the things were clean but I saw a few towels a little dirty and i had observed the same issue in their people’s colony branch as well but they do instantly change any item if you report them.


one word, all equipment, tubs for pedi, washing places for hair, steamer for facial etc were completely new and in working. I didn’t feel lack of equipment at all
the only reason I left taking services of Alenora and Signature by Erum is staff’s attitude. Hadiqa Kiani Salon has trained their staff really well. Everyone deals very nicely and respectfully.

Should the new hadiqa kiani branch be visited. I would say YES …. 100% YES

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  1. Had a Very bad experience! Not at all satisfied.. would never recommend anyone to waste money there

    • really in which sense? I am a regular client of theirs in terms of facial and menicure and pedicure

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