I am always in hunt for good concealers because I have serious freckles’ marks on my face. Though I am a huge fan of Maybelline concealers, but for daily use I find them a bit pricey because I wear concealer on every day basis. So in my search I stumbled upon flormar concealer and considering that they have fairly good lip glosses I thought their concealer must be good too, and also it just costed me 800 rupees but little did I know that it was a complete disaster. The concealer though give a good coverage but its finishing is not good at all. It has a scrub like sandy feel to it and on top of foundation it gives a very rough texture. Though I picked quite a light shade, fearing it won’t match my complexion, but after application the lighter shade turned quite dark making my foundation look weird and uneven toned. Now I use it to hide my dark circles before applying foundation and somehow it works good that way otherwise it was a complete waste of money.


1- sandy feel
2- the shades get different after application
3- does not blend well

4- too drying effect, not suitable for normal or dry skin


1- price is better than other concealers
2- product is quite a lot in less price

3- better for oily skin, because it gets extremely dry after a few minutes of application

4- the applicator tip is really good, I use it to apply my other good concealers, it is wide enough to spread the product equally.

Price: 800 Pakistani rupees for 5 ml


RATING: 1.5/5


    • thanks for appreciation and for the tip. I will follow your suggestion but amazon does not deliver in Pakistan :/

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