FLAT IRON -Remington S3500 Ceramic Straightener- BEST Hair Straightener to buy

We have three hair straighteners at home, one is mine of Remington, one is of my elder sister again of Remington but an advanced modal and the other one is of NOVA company’s that we bought around 6, 7 years ago.

and now I have quite enough experience to tell you which one for sure you should buy.

2- Remington S3500 Ceramic Straight 230 Hair Straightener 120V-240V~50/60hZ 43.5W

for how long how I am using it: more than 6 years


price:3500 rupees

maximum temperature: 230 degree

minimum temperature: 150 degrees

Why you should buy?

in my opinion it is my best buy for following reasons:

1- it has ceramic plates that straighten hair really well.

2- it claims to give 65% friz free hair but honestly it actually gives 80% friz free hair

3-have different heat capacities (150 to 230 which is quite enough)

4-Gets heated quickly

5- Automatically shuts off after 1 minute if not in use

6- has plate locks at the back which makes it easier to store and take during travels

7- heat resistant pouch comes with the device

NOTE: when I want super straight hair, I keep it to maximum heat (though it is damaging to hair)

8- reasonably wide plates (not too much) that helps in easy straightening or curling

note: in one of my upcoming tutorial I will show you how to curl hair with this hair straightener)

NOTE: in past 6 years I have used it daily and not just me, my friends and my sisters have used it multiple times but we have never had any trouble with it


1-I have not found any con but in comparison to some of the advanced modals, its upper covering of plates which is made of plastic gets really heated (though it is common with most flat irons)

2-secondly due to average wide sized plates it might take a lot longer time to straighten hair for people with thick hair

Following are pictures of my hair before and after straightening:

left side of head after straightening (note: backside hair are not straightened in this pic)


My elder sister has Remington Shine Therapy Hair straightener modal # S8500 which is of 7000 rupees and though it claims a lot but it is as good as mine one, S 3500,though mine is quite cheaper.

I would 100% say with complete confidence not to waste money into expensive straighteners and buy s-3500. It gets the job done really well and costs way less.

2 thoughts on “FLAT IRON -Remington S3500 Ceramic Straightener- BEST Hair Straightener to buy”

  1. Good one👍 have you ever tried any heat protectant product for your hair? I was wondering if you could tell us something about salon-like blow-drying. I so wanna try it at home.
    P. S looking forward to next tutorial which you mentioned above😊

    • well I have not used heat resistant sprays at all, but i will try one and will let u know. Yah for blow dry I will put a tutorial for that but not too soon cz busy with Ramzan stuff but blow dry can be done at home.

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