Firdous Jamal insulted Mahira Khan

The legendary actor Firdous Jamal appeared in Faisal Qureshi’s Morning show recently. Our legendary actors sadly do not act and say things like the legends. Firdous Jamal said things in a very vicious and hurtful manner about Mahira Khan. Being a great actor one may criticize someone’s acting but to criticize a young actor on personal level is shallow and shameful.

Faisal Qureshi played a game with Firdous Jamal. He was showing different pictures of actors and actresses and asked for suggestions for them. One of the pictures was of Mahira Khan. And on Mahira Khan’s picture Firdous Jamal said the most despicable things. He said

Mahira khan is too old to be a heroine:

Firdous Jamal reflected thinking of a typical patriarchal man. In both India and Pakistan we have heroes even above 50. Faisal Qureshi himself is above 50 no one has problem with male actors being of a certain age. But to criticize and call out Mahira khan for her age is disgusting. Firdous Jamal not liking Mahira’s acting or looks is one thing but to call her unpleasant looking or to take motherly roles is insane. People need to call out such behavior even if Mahira ignores such distasteful behavior because of her elegant personality.

secondly Firdous Jamal pitied Mahira Khan against Mehwish Hayyat

For no reason Firdous Jamal compared Mahira Khan with Mehwish Hayyat. He said Mehwish Hayyat is younger looking. Mehwish is a better actress than Mahira Khan. Both of these actresses have their own standing in industry and sadly no one should be compared on the basis of age and looks

Mahira Khan is mediocre model stuff and not actress:

Firdous Jamal said that I do not care if people do not like what I am saying but Mahira is an average mediocre level model stuff. He added that Mahira should not be given main actress roles. If a woman is liked by public and even especially called by another country to act in their movies, there must be some talent in her. Mahria has played role against Shahrukh Khan, a hero who is desired by even Bollywood actresses.

Mahira Khan has brought respect for her country and always gathered huge appreciation from her own audience. It is sad to see that she is not criticized for her certain role in some drama or movie rather huge insulted overall for how she looks and performs.

Faisal Qureshi added to Mahira Khan’s insult

More over, Faisal Qureshi who himself plays hero in many drama still despite being over 50 years old, he did not interrupt Firdous Jamal at all. He seemed to play it all with amusement and continued that Mahira Khan bring flop content. He referred to Mahira Khan’s movies Verna and Saat Din Mohabbat Ka for being flop and earning less on box office.

It is sad to see Faisal Qureshi always expressing his deep desire to work with Mahira Khan, yet enjoying the fun of moment.


Mahira Khan is not only a great actress but a beautiful soul with a lot of integrity. She always ignores such distasteful insults and does not answer dirt with dirt. She has always managed to answer filth with grace. First, when Meera insulted her for being a heroine she ignored it and whenever she was asked she praised Meera for her talent. She repeatedly brushed off comparison with Saba Qamar, she has never spoken back to people for calling her out for winning awards. She even did not let Javaid Sheikh get insulted when he tried to kiss her on stage.

Now is the time that people should learn that if someone is hugely appreciated by audience it not just because of their talent but also because of their overall aura and kindness of personality. Mahira Khan has been able to win over people for her over all charisma.

Firdous Jamal and the likes of him should know better especially the body of work and the amount of experience they have.

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