Farah sadia slams maya ali and shehryar munawar

Farah Sadia severely criticizes Maya Ali

Farah Sadia is a reputed Pakistani host. She is doing morning show for more than a decade. Farah Sadia is someone who has remained persistent in her quality and class of conducting a program for this long.

Farah Sadia appeared disturbed and dejected in her yesterday’s morning show on 7th August 2019. She shared her disappointment yesterday with her audience. Farah Sadia explained the pitfalls of stardom when it gets to your head.

Farah Sadia very gracefully informed the whole ordeal that happened between her people and Parey Hut Love team. Farah said that we book guests days before the actual shows especially when megastars are to come. Farah sadia said Parey Hut Love team committed to us to appear in our morning show to promote their film (free of cost).

Farah Sadia slammed Maya Ali for breaking her commitment. Farah blatantly said I don’t like Maya Ali for her attitude. She said fame has gotten to Maya Ali’s head. Farah sadia said these harsh words because a night before Farah sadia’s morning show Maya Ali informed Farah’s team through her people that she does not want to come to Farah’s show.

Farah sadia said Maya Ali did not bother to apologize or explain the reason. Maya Ali did not ask to rearrange the dates of their appearance in show. Maya Ali just said she does not feel to be in a mood to come to Farah Sadia’s show.

Farah Sadia further slammed Shehryar Munawar to be rude and arrogant. She said though the team should have come without Maya Ali but Shehryar Munawar also said he is not in a mood to be in Farah Sadia’s show.

Farah Sadia said she understand when people are tired, ill or feel low to give public appearances but a commitment is a commitment. She said many a times Farah herself went through intense circumstances behind the scenes but she did not throw tantrums but fulfilled her commitment to conduct the morning show.

Farah sadia then praised Mahira Khan for her kind and professional attitude. Farah Sadia said she has conducted many interviews of various famous people but found Mahira Khan to be most humble and down to earth. Farah Sadia said Mahira comes in show with out any tantrums and though as super star can ask for special treatment but Mahira Khan never does so.

Farah Sadia continued her praise for Mahira Khan and told that Mahira participates in all activities of her morning show despite they apparently seem silly. She added if Mahira Khan makes a commitment she fulfills it.

Farah Sadia said fame or respect is a blessing. It is given by God and it can be taken away as well. She said if one does not remain humble in his/her good times, they can not end up being great human beings or great stars.

Hopefully Maya Ali, Sheryar Munawar will learn their lesson from he words of heart broken Farah Sadia and apologize. We all should also learn lesson from Mahira Khan, of her kindness, humbleness and niceness despite such fame and fan following. Farah Sadia as host has complete right to protest over Maya Alis and Shehryar Munawar’s attitude.

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