FALSA (grewia) & Aaroo (Peach) Sharbat/Juice

so this Ramzaan I have been very active with my favorite activity, cooking, and I tried all sorts of new dishes like salads, various kinds of smosas but one another thing that I did differently this Ramzan was to make juices at home. Previously we used to buy cold drinks, Squaish by Shezaan or maximum we made Lemondae but this Ramzan I tried two homemade juices made from fresh fruits and everyone in my home is a fan of them now. So I thought why shouldn’t I share my recipes with you guys.

So mine and everyone’s most favorite has been Falsay ka sharbat (Grewia Juice). Here is my recipe for it that I learnt from Food Fusion



1- Falsa (1/2 kg)

2- Sugar (half cup)

3- quarter tea spoon salt and quarter tea spoon black pepper


1-Properly wash fasla and then let it air dry for 10 minutes.

2-take a pan and add roughly half cup or a little more water.

3-turn on the stove on medium to low heat

4-put falsa in the warm water and cover the lid of pan

5-let falsa soften/boil for about 20 minutes

6-take another pan, put one cup water and half cup sugar in it . Cook this mixture until a slightly thicker sugar syrup is ready.

7-add the boiled fasla along with its water and seed in the sugar syrup, add salt and pepper and cook for about 2 more minutes.

8-take a blender

9-put the entire mixture (falsa mixed in sugar syrup) in blender

10- blend it until you are sure it has turned into a thick smooth paste

11-take a strainer and little by little strain the mixture to remove all seeds

12-your fasla sharbat pulp is ready

Now for making juice do the following:

1-take about a cup of this pulp add 3 glasses of water and add ice cubes and enjoy your refreshing falsa juice.



1- five medium sized peaches

2-half cup sugar

3- quarter tea spoon salt and quarter tea spoon black pepper


1- cut the peaches into big chunks

2- take a pan and add 1 full cup of water and add chunks of peaches in it.

3-keep the flame on medium to low heat and cook.

5- add sugar, salt and pepper after 10 minutes and keep boiling the peaches for 15 more minutes.

4-Put the softened peaches in a blender and blend until turned into thick paste.

For juice:

add just 2 glasses of water in the thick paste

Note: (increase or decrease water amount depending upon density of paste but make sure to have pulpy juice rather than think consistency)

Do try it on Eid day and stand out with your cooking skills 🙂

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