Author: Bushra Ahmed

What the product claims:

1) Mini beads which softly removes dead skin cells.

2) Brightens and buffers the skin

3) Glycolic acid which helps in peeling off the old skin layers.

4) AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) to enhance the complexion.

5) great for professional facial procedures.

6) suitable for all skin types

Review of claims:

This is true that the product has mini beads (can be felt but not seen because of their white colour, they are same as the scrub’s own colour) which not only brightens but enhances your complexion.  It is claimed that the scrub is good for professional facial procedures and this is completely true. It should not be the first product to apply in facial procedure.  For effective results apply after cleansing and applying whitening mud mask as instructed at the back of this product in instructions section. Though quite effective even if used independently.


1) the srubbers do bring shine and buffing on the facial skin

2) It gives you a smooth effect after removing off the scrub.

3) smells good

4) Quantity is quite enough. You can easily use it for almost 4 to 6 months.

5) Cost effective.


1) After applying the scrub, it gives you a slight burn feel on your skin (though it has not caused any damage to my skin) and as the scrub remains on your face the feel of burn will slightly increase especially on the open pore areas of your face. So, it is necessary for all those who have sensitive skin to apply this scrub on a smaller portion of your skin first to see its result. If you get a high burn feeling (which is usually not the case), then do not apply it on your face.

2) The mini beads have harsh feel on your skin while you rub it on your face though it does not cause any rashes.

Verdict: Recommended

Rating: 4/5

Price: 350 to 450 (for 150 ml pack)

product amount: 150 ml/5.3oz

Note: Full procedure of applying this scrub is written on the back of the pack.

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