Double Action Cleanser (PRODUCT REVIEW)

Double Action Cleanser with lavender extract by Golden Girl Cosmetics (PRODUCT REVIEW)

For how long I am using it:

I am using Double Action Cleanser for last 4 and a half years and I have found it super useful.

In the middle on my sister’s suggestion I started using Loreal cleanser, which is way more expensive than Double action cleanser, but after using it for like three weeks or so I noted the difference that Loreal one doesn’t clean my skin deeply or I don’t get smoothness the way I feel after using Double action cleanser

Texture and Product Size:

It is creamy in consistency with a few hardly noticeable granules that helps in deep cleansing. The product is available in two sizes, small jar is of 75gm of 250 rupees, and large one is of 300gm of 550 rupees .

Now they have introduced different types of it as well, like double action, triple action etc.

which one I buy :

I always buy the large jar since it has enough product inside to be used for around two months or even more, if used on daily basis, like I do. The large size jar is white in color (of around 550 rupees) and the product is greyish, the smaller jar is somewhere around 250 rupees. It is a US product, processed in Pakistan. I usually use it at the end of the day for removing my makeup.

 Here is how I use it :

1.While my makeup is on my face, I take the product on my hand rub it a little bit on my palms.

2.Massage my face with double action cleanser with gentle hands in circular motion for at least 3-5 minutes.

3.Take off the product of my face with a spunch.

4.After wards I wash my face with soap again (as I put a lot of make up so I want to make sure that my makeup is completely removed).

Note: though the direction on the bottle says, use once in a week but I use it every other day or thrice in a week and sometimes daily as well and I haven’t faced any problem at all.

I would highly recommend it to people who use make up on a daily basis.

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