Condensed Milk and Home Made Ice cream-weekend culinary adventures

so on weekends I always love to cook special meals and recipes for my family, this week I made ice cream for all of us. But before that I learnt from hundreds of you tube videos how to make condensed milk, and my try at condensed milk proved really good. Following is recipe with pictures:



a)2 cups of milk

b)Half cup sugar

Procedure: Put 2 cups of milk in pan and on low to medium heat boil it then add sugar gradually and keep stirring. For about 15 to 20 minutes keep stirring until it turns into thick pasty form. And your condensed milk is all set and ready.

So I used the same condensed milk to make my home made vanilla ice cream. And mom said, ‘it is really delicious,’ and when my mom praises something, it must be really good because that’s not what you hear from her often 🙂 I still love her to bits. Well long story short, here is my recipe for homemade ice cream

Ice cream Recipe


a)2 packs of 200ml milk pack cream

b)half cup of condensed milk

c)few drops of vanilla essence

Procedure: mix cream in a cold bowl (put bowl in fridge two hours earlier in the freezer) while mixing cream put the mixing bowl on top of ice cubes. once the cream is completely blended, add few drops of vanilla essence and also add some nuts.

then put the whole mixture in an air tight container for 8 to 10 hours in freezer and your yummylicious ice cream will be ready to be eaten and enjoyed.

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