The story is about a nuclear disaster happened due to mishandling of nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, Russia in 1986. The story covers how lives, people, relationship, cities and animals suffered the tragedy and most importantly how negligence of one man caused a disaster. But along with negligence of one man, many secrets got revealed that the security forces of the country wanted buried. Chernobyl tragedy created many heroes who rose to the situation despite knowing the cost they were to pay.

The Guardian Newspaper ranked it as 5/5 star TV show

Who Should Watch?

People who

1-Like real life based stories

2-Are ok watching tragedy and pain

3-Are inquisitive in how corrupt systems work

4-Like powerful dialogues with excellent acting conveying the dialogues

5-Like drama genre

Who should not watch?

People who

1-Don’t like tragedies

2-Can’t watch burnt and deformed bodies

3-Are depressed

4-Don’t like slow drama genre

Final Verdict: 4.5/5

Must Watch: Chernobyl has become such hit TV series that Chernobyl city  authorities reported increase in tourism to site of disaster after the release of the show

Few of the Best Dialogues of the Show are:

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