Cheekh is sensationally entertaining but morally disappointing

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Cheekh– Perfect start for a good drama

Cheek is highly anticipated since the day its trailer was released. Not just because it was starring one of the biggest stars of drama industry, Saba Qamar. It was talked about because it seemed to have a different story. It showed more than SaaS Baho conspiracy or this new filthy of showing sisters trying to snatch each other’s loves interests.

Cheekh started great. It depicted a rich family with people having regular moral issues but stood with respect in society. It effectively introduced one brother of a refined and well enabled family to have richness get into his head. Wajeeh’s crime in Cheekh is defended by his family, in the beginning by everyone, because that is  how family system works. You stand with your own. In Wajeeh’s case his elder brother was helping without being able to draw the line between right and wrong (very obvious for any normal family).

Cheekh- gradually turning into Commercial Formula drama with all ingredients

Cheek gradually started becoming the average typical drama. With every coming episode there was tragedy over tragedy. It is not incorrect that life can’t have multiple tragedies. But a drama carrying a strong message of standing against wrong went the wrong way itself.

When you carry a moral message, the message must uplift not the sensation and hype but the values you want to spread in society.

Cheekh and the perfect commercial elements  

As a commercial drama, Cheekh has everything that a successful serial should have. Cheekh has great plot with multiple twists. Despite knowing the story one remains hooked to Cheekh’s each episode. The music matches the suspense. The acting of each actor and dialogue delivery is on point.

Bilal Abbas has gained critical appreciation by viewers and critics for his phenomenal performance. He has actually made his viewer hate his character and his doings. Saba Qamar right acting, make up and wardrobe choice for each scene is again classic, same goes for Ijaz Aslam, playing Wajeeh’s  elder brother. Most of all, Cheekh is written, on commercial level, very skillfully to keep viewers glued and emotional to each scene and happening.

What Cheekh is doing wrong!

The ONLY and the WORST wrong with Cheekh is that it is sensationalizing the price of doing the right thing. In a society where already people live in fear of injustice and with idea of survival of fittest, Cheekh is reinforcing the belief of silence. Cheekh is strongly conveying if you speak up, there is a fair chance you will lose everything. Our people already believe in silence, to avoid further loss. A real life example of this attitude is what happened in shahzaib murder case, Shahzaib’s family forgave Jaoti’s to avoid further mess for themselves and left the country.

Though it is correct that right comes with a price or that the fight for right takes sacrifice. But to show that you need to give up everything is beyond normal. Cheekh did not seem to feel enough with effecting Manat’s married life but killed her unborn child, her mother, and now her husband. Cheekh is saying you should better remain silent or you will lose it all.

Though expectedly in last episode Wajeeh would pay the price and will go behind the bars. But I think the over all message is already been tranisitioned to viewers. Abrupt, illogical and sensational endings is what is happening wrong with most successful Pakistani drama. The same wa done in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, she was shown happy with a guy who was mentally abnormal and who committed marital rape of his wife.

And as audience we need to speak against this culture of promoting and persisting that wrong is ok and wrong should be compromised at.

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