Careem,Careem Pakistan, careem ride


In my family almost all of us work a regular job, so daily commuting is a frequent thing in our lives. We travel by almost all available services like Uber, Careem and even rikshaw etc. So I thought it would be great if I give you a sneak peek into my experience with Careem ride service so that you can decide whether to make it a part of your daily or occasional commute or not. My details of Careem service review would mainly be in terms of their service quality, safety and price point of view.


Careem,Careem Pakistan, careem ride

I know that safety and customer care is part of service but I will discuss service only in terms of comfort and quality of rides.

1-In my experience Careem has the best service quality. Their cars are comfortable and driven according to safety standards. The reason is that Careem does a thorough review of cars and a short training of its captains before they are allowed to work on actual locations.

2-Careem has three famous categories in terms of their car service, known as Careem GO, Careem Mini and careem business. I mostly travel with Careem Go, this service provides air conditioning, Careem mini does not provide Air conditioning service.

Careem,Careem Pakistan, careem ride

3-I prefer ‘Go’ over ‘Mini’ because ‘Go’ has much cleaner and newer cars. Mini is mostly old models of Mehran and Cultus, in spring it is much easier to travel in mini but in extreme weather I prefer ‘Careem Go’. The price difference between Go and Mini is not much, only of 30-40 rupees. If I have to travel on regular basis sometimes than I use mini to save daily expenditure otherwise I choose ‘Go’.

4-‘Careem Rikhshaw’ is taken quite often by my sister from jail road Faisalabad to our home. ‘Careem Rikshaws’ are also a great money saving source of traveling and much more comfortable than regular rikshaws because most careem rikshaws are comparatively newer, cleaner and again driven quite sensibly.

5-Services wise in comparison to Careem, Uber cars are not vetted quite thoroughly. Their drives are not properly trained or vetted before approval, so safety standards’ wise it is more risky. I have regularly traveled in uber before Careem and found their cars to be not meeting cleanliness and comfort standards.

6-Services wise in comparison to ‘Careem rikshaw’, a regular rikshaw is much worse because one does not always find a clean and comfortable and appropriately driven service in regular rikshaws


1-Careem does make sure to provide the safest experience to its riders. In terms of safety I experienced only one mildly serious incident that was as I was about to sit in the car, near Imitiaz market Faisalabad, I noticed that the car was different than the one mentioned in the app but the driver was same. I quickly took the picture of car and right away reported to Careem complaint cell. They apologized to me and said that they will black list the driver.

2-Though in newspapers I have heard some serious incidents but I believe that Careem does take serious action once an issue is reported to them. I would strongly suggest the riders to report any suspicious thing about their experience and do not believe the beseeching excuses of drivers in terms of a different car, different number plate or different driver other than the one mentioned in their app.

3-Careem also offers sharing the tracking information with people of your choice and viewing your own route, on their GPS during your ride.

4-In comparison to Careem, Uber safety is quite questionable and many people have raised this issue on social media and newspapers. Uber does not have many physical offices in all cities on different locations. Their service centers apparently don’t seem to have existence in Pakistan, so once you complain on their email, you do not hear from them right away. Also Uber uses google GPS system, which malfunctions sometimes.


1-Customer care wise Careem has best assistance quality in the country, in comparison to not just rides services but to any business services at all. The moment you call Careem customer care, they right away start to resolve you problem.

2-Careem customer care is very prompt even on emails. Many a times the drivers refuse to take me to my location (as my house is outside main city but within Careem allowed vicinity) and get me charged a cancellation fee and about a 100 times I have reported such issues through email to careem customer care and almost 90% of times I am refunded back my cancellation fee.

3-To get your cancellation fee back, I would suggest you to write a thorough email, explaining the problem attaching snapshot, mentioning exact location, distance, time etc. to make them believe that your complaint is genuine and verifiable.


Careem,Careem Pakistan, careem ride

1-One thing that actually annoys me about Careem is their app display. Careem App display is quite user non friendly. As a beginner, you do have to struggle to learn using it. In Uber the app is really simple and effective, once you put the address then you can check estimate and hit go. But strangely in Careem the address bars are not self-explanatory, and you have to insert your city yourself, and once you put address first you click “confirm pickup” and then you are given option of estimate and promo insertion which is really awkward. I would highly recommend Careem officials to simplify the app display for their users.

2-Another really annoying matter is that Careem makes it compulsory for riders to give star rating to driver right after use, which sometimes you don’t want to do right away. Uber on the other hand gives option of giving stars rating later on. More over once you give driver the rating, the driver can instantly see the change in rating and once they know that someone has given them bad rating they in return, in anger, give bad rating to rider as well. The anonymity of rider for ride quality is not kept completely secret. Again this is something Careem should work over.


1-Price wise Careem is a little expensive than other riding options, but one has to pay a bit extra for improved safety and quality.

2-Promo Option of Careem: A good thing is that Careem regularly sends promos to its customers. Also if one customer is sent a promo it gets applied even on another customer’s account as well. So generally people can find available promos on internet and use them while taking the service.

3- I have also noticed that Careem fare is usually higher on Sundays than other days and Careem very rarely offers promos for Sunday. So taking a Careem on Sunday costs more than regular days.

4-In compassion to Uber and regular rikshaw ride, Careem fare is as I already mentioned more, about 20%, but I still prefer taking Careem rather than other options because of safety and comfort.

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