Color Studio & Maybelline Blush Ons Review

Blush On:

Blush On is a make up product that is applied on cheeks to get rosier and pinkish shade on cheeks. Most blush Ons are in powder form but now cream blush Ons or tint Blushes are also introduced.

Selection Suggestion for a Blush On:

In eye shadow pigmented colors are preferred like if you take a little bit color, in application it should give strong color look on eye lids.

But in Blush Ons don’t pick too pigmented product, especially in the beginning. Too pigmented blush Ons create a very clown-ish pinkyness on cheeks. Try finding Blush Ons with less pigmentation so that you gradually build up the color and subtly create a naturally rosy cheeks look.

COLOR STUDIO Blush On Review:

color studio blush on

Dreamer blush 206 shade

Exact Name: Dreamer blush 206 (this is the shade I chose and providing you swatches of, there are a few other available in market as well)

PRICE: 1000 rupees


PACKAGING: Round shaped with good quality plastic in dark black color. The pan top gets locked once you close the pan lid which is very good because the product does not get cracked if you drop the pan.  The central part of the top is transparent from where you can see the color of blush on (as it can be seen in above picture). No applicator is available with this blush on

Shades: 5 to 6


Product claims: Super Soft, Silky And Ultra-Fine Formula That Blends Perfectly For A Vibrant Pop Of Color Or Subtle Natural Flush And Stays Put All Day Long. Available In a Variety of Iconic Shades. Paraben Free.

Review of Product claims:

1-No doubt the product is really soft and gentle in application. It does look very vibrant if applied too much and if applied gently it does give a subtle effect (not very natural but nice effect).

2-It does not stay all day long as the product claims.

3-At max the product stays for 6 hours with foundation base (without foundation base it lasts for 3 hours maximum)

4-In different stores like Imtiaz, Alfatah it is available in 3 shades max.

5-I do not know if it is actually paraben free or not, as it claims. But paraben is a preservative chemical which is not good for skin. Products that are free of paraben are great for skin.


the color of these blush on is different in seeing in the pan and quite different once applied. I would suggest you to read reviews ask for tester or be confirm about shade and then buy. My shade looks a bit bronzy brownish but in application it is very much pinky

Verdict: Recommended 3.8/5

Where to find in Faisalabad: Imitaiz, Al Fatah



Exact Name: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

PRICE: 1000 rupees

QUANTITY: 5. 3 g

PACKAGING: packaging is very average. The plastic seems very cheap.  Many same priced blush ons are much better packed like color studio blush ons. The lid is completely transparent from where you can see the shade of product. No applicator is available with blush on

SHADES: 7 shades
Peach Satin, Pink Frosting, Hot Tamale, Plum Wine, Candy Coral,  Rose Petal, Pink Plum


Product claims:

1-This blush feels lightweight like a powder, yet melts into skin like a cream.
2-Bouncy fresh color lasts all day and gives skin a natural glow.
3-Dermatologist tested.
4-Allergy tested.
5- Non-comedogenic.

Review of Product Claims:

1-it definitely  is very light weight as claimed.
2-though the texture is soft creamy but it does not feel greasy or liquidy at all.

3- Interestingly, its name is bouncy blush because once you use it by swatching the blush resumes back into its dome shape if you smooth the top of blush with finger
4-it does look quite natural if applied subtly
5- the product has ability to be built up if applied more
6-the product claims that after application it gets powdery feel, that is not correct (though it does not at all feel greasy but not powdery either, it is more like a gentle primer texture).

7- it claims to stay all day long which is completely incorrect. It maximum stays for 4 to 5 hours

8- In Pakistan almost all stores have maximum 3 to 4 shades (mostly pink and peach ones- the browner tones bouncy blush are usually not available)

1-suggested for dry skin, since it is creamy and does not makes you feel dryness
2-for oily skin it may cause sweaty-ness

3- It has strong tendency of getting patchy. Like the pink shades gets patchier on skin as compared to its peach shades
4-very travel friendly because of small round size and light weightiness.

5-on foundation applied skin or on very clear skin it gives a very flushed rosy look but without foundation or skin with a lot of marks it gives a patchy spotted feel.

6- Should not be applied with brush because of creamy-ness. Take the product on fingers and gently rub on cheeks.

7-best for young girls of school and college because it does not give a very over the top make up glam look.

8- Not at all a great option for glammed up party or wedding looks.

Verdict: Recommended 3/5

Where to find in Faisalabad: SB store and Alfatah

Swatches of Dream Bouncy Blush On

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