Beware-Don’t buy from Limelight Online SALE

so I wrote a blog post on 23rd March morning about the sales by different companies. I also mentioned that I ordered a suit online from LimeLight. So I received my order on Friday and it was a DISASTER.

The quality of fabric was average, the cut was not very clean either but the worst was that the bead work on the neckline was missing, it was literally missing almost on one inch portion, as shown in the following pictures:

Moreover, when I contacted their customer service, rather then taking responsibility and making the exchange on their own, they asked me to visit the outlet which is almost 28 kilometer far from my house. So I requested a colleague of mine to do the exchange for me.

The behavior of the staff there was extremely unhelpful, the suit was not available in my required size and rather than refunding us, they just said either exchange or keep the same piece (the defaulted one). so i asked my colleague to take in medium size though it is too lose for me.

I have had worst experience with LimeLight, I only bought from them becuase I had online purchases with Nishat and they were always perfect, so I thought this is also a brand so it must be good as well.

I would highly recommend you not to ever online order anything from LimeLight, and considering the quality of fabric I would suggest you not to buy clothes from there either.

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