Every now and then Beautify by Amna announces their deals. Beautify by Amna deals have different combinations. Some deals have blush on, primers and beauty blender.Whereas some have brushes and other things.

I needed make up brushes for a long time. I decided to buy Beautify by Amna deal # 6, which has a 10 brushes set in a shimmery jar, a full size primer, a beauty blender and a pack of make up wipes.

Along with deals they provide different codes to their customers or you can find Nishoo Khan, beauty You tuber codes, and can get discounts and extra goodies. I did apply a code which I think is not applicable any more. With that code I got mini primer, a beauty blender and a face powder brush extra.

The entire deal costed me 3000 rupees. Now the same deal is reduced to 2650 rupees.

Following is my detailed review and final verdict of Beautify by Amna Premium deal # 6

1- beautify by Amna 10 pieces Brush set

beautify by amna all 10 brush set

Each of their brush has a title on it that for which purpose it is used. and I don’t agree with those titles because I feel they are not quite appropriate, their highlighter brush is actually for contouring etc

After use of I think 3 weeks I made a detailed video on each brush result on my face book page, here is a link to that video:

But now after use of 2 and a half month, here is my updated review on brushes set.

i) foundation brush

Beautify by amna foundation brush

a) bristles (hair) of brush do fall in the beginning 6 to 7 uses and then hair fall of brush stops.

b) quality of foundation brush is really good

c) application of foundation is really seamless with this brush

ii) Bronzer brush:

beautify by amna bronzer brush

a) this a very soft brush, which I actually use for highlighting purpose.

b) Bristles of this brush also fall out in the beginning 5 to 6 uses.

iii) Highlight brush:

a) I use this brush for contouring because it has a very sharp face

b) the bristles of this brush don’t fall out at all

c) quality of this brush is good

iv) Blush on Brush:

a) it is fluffy which is good because it evenly spreads the blush on, onto your cheeks.

b) the bristles do not fall out at all.

c) bristles are pink in color, should have been white so that we could see how much product we have picked.

v) crease brush:

a) good quality bristles, soft and smooth

b) does help in blending and putting color in eyelid crease

vi) Contour brush:

a) I do not use it for contour because it has a very wide face/tip, contour needs a more sharp tip.

b) I use this brush to blend foundation and concealer on my under eye area.

c) Though the brush is really good, but I would have preferred a fan brush instead

Brush that I don’t like in the set are:

vii)Eye shadow brush

a) the brush has very coarse bristles/hair.

b) does not blend smoothly.

c) poor quality and result of application of eye shadow with this brush.

viii) smudge brush

a) same like eye shadow brush, the bristles are very very coarse.

b) though the shape of tip of brush is really good and helps in smudging and creating crease.

ix) eyeliner brush

a)worst of all brushes (and not at all like shown in the picture on website)

b) has a very twisted tip (don’t like that)

c) tip is rubbery in feel, not like brush and too thin

x) eye brow and mascara brush

this is a brush with one side tip for brow filling and other to apply mascara or brush the brows.

the brow brush /mascara application tip is good.

the brow filler brush tips is below average. after use of 2 months, it is de-shaped already.

Over all Brush set rating: 3/5

Kabuki face powder brush (that came as extra goody)

i- good quality

ii-no bristles shedding

iii-apply powder appropriately

iv- the only con of this brush is that it should have a wider tip, like the face of brush should be broader.


beautify by amna primer look
beautify by amna after light spreading on skin
the marked area has blended primer on it

1-This is the best product in the deal.

2-Porfade primer is very soft and made for normal to oily skinned people

3-it has soft texture that spreads easily creating a soft base for foundation

4-Though, in usual primer we need very small amount but this primer needs a bit of more product for application.

5-A friend of mine who has too much sweating problem did not like it much because it made her feel very warm in the face area (perhaps because it covers pores really well)

6-for dry skin it won’t be good because it feels quite dry already.

Rating of primer: 5/5


beautify by amna beauty blender

1-Beautify by Amna beauty blender is of good quality.

2- very soft and squashy

3- evenly applies and submerges foundation to skin

Rating of beauty blender: 5/5


Beautify by amna torn make up wipe
beautify by amna coarse texture of wipes

1- WORST MAKE UP WIPES I HAVE EVER USED (sorry to say straight but to save everyone’s time)

2- not dewy enough

3- get dry very quickly

4- very coarse and rough texture

5- cause light rashes to sensitive skin (like mine)

6- they even sent me torn make up wipe joined together by a red tape

Rating of make up wipes: 0/5

over all rating of Beautify by Amna premium deal # six: 3.5/5 partially recommended

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