An Interview with Sumreen Mahmood- a young Business Woman

sumreen mahmood at her workshop

The legacy of family business of furniture begins from Sumreen’s great grandfather in Saharanpur India.As a successor of family business of furniture & interior design services Sumreen idealizes and designs interiors that flatter spaces and satisfy the aesthetics of her clients. Working through furniture from her ancestor’s workshop, she has always been involved in her business and a complete background of Arts & Design has helped complimenting the creative to commercial balance. She has her formal degree of Furniture Designing from Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design. Sumreen has had the opportunity to teach Furniture & Design at National College of Arts as well. Also invited as a guest speaker on “Women Entrepreneurship” in The University of Faisalabad. Later studied Interior Designing and progressed a step ahead in her creative field. She believes every house improvement and remodeling project boosts up creativity in a new way and uplifting each space to be surprising, bold and having a character and unique story of its own is the most valuable part of her work.

sumreen mahmood working on a desing

1-how do you define yourself?

I define myself as a person who’s always willing to learn unlearn and relearn. I try to reach excellence in all my endeavors. A few helping words would be perfectionist, energetic, resourceful and curious.

2-how does your work define you?

sumreem mahmood working with wood

The huge amount of responsibilities that come with my work. I can’t be enough grateful of the benefits. Reaping the rewards of correct decisions, the roller coaster of risks and challenges it’s all worth the effort in the end.

3- can you tell us about your business?

“Senses by sumreen” is a furniture and interior designing firm based in Lahore. We help you renovate and redecorate your home according to your personalized style. You are in control of budget and product selections with us and we as a team together make sure everything looks perfect according to your taste at the end.

4- what range of products and services do you offer?

We offer interior design services for which we have designed three packages available on our website

Also, we offer made to order furniture services with a monthly featured product available on our website

5-How can people buy your products who live outside your city?

You can contact us through our website, number and social media forums and we’ll get it delivered at your doorstep

6-How do you ensure quality of your products?

We evaluate all our options, request material samples before purchasing the material, develop an organized assembly line for production, develop CAD and 3D drawings of our products, from plans to production we perform various inspections. We make sure there’s no compromise on quality.

design of sumreen’s company

7- How do you cater customers complaints? what is your customer care set up?

I always make effort to exceed customer expectations, and deal with any complaint or unsatisfaction with a very positive attitude. Promptness, personalization and politeness are our key customer care features. We try to be helpful regardless of profits and go extra miles for our clients when needed. We measure our success by the happiness of our client.

8- what are you currently working on? any ongoing project? can you give us a sneak peek into it?

doodle arm chair by sumreen mahmood

I am currently juggling on a few projects I have just launched my second featured product, “Doodle Arm chair” for kids and a home renovation project which involves remodeling from a traditional setup to a modern interior look. (stay tuned )

9- how do you ensure a balance between profit margin and premium quality?

We provide highest quality products also our service fee is separated from the list of items as a percentage of the overall scope of work at the end, which doesn’t interfere with the quality of products quoted.

10- why is it important to have nice furniture or an interior decorator?

Save yourself from costly mistakes and get your interiors transformed according to your taste without the hassle of running in markets for purchasing and failing at matching everything together. Despite of the common belief, we can actually put it all together for you in your budget with top trending interior styles.

11-Your profile mentions that your family has worked in the same business, can you tell us a little about that?

History Originates from 1867 when my great grandfather started business of Handicraft manufacturing in Saharanpur U.P India. Handicrafts were exported to United Kingdom. He was one of the Pioneers of wooden handicrafts in India and also achiever of Gold and silver medal. He migrated to Pakistan after independence. After him, Intezam ali, my grandfather one of his three sons preceded the furniture business. In early 1980’s my uncle and father put the foundation of home & office furniture brand they worked together to build the furniture business progressively.

I’m the fourth generation in the field of furniture in my family and only one with a formal degree in Furniture Design and manufacturing.

12- where do you see yourself in next 10 years?

I see myself making dream homes of people a reality on a global scale

13- how can a woman maintain balance between work and family?

I have my priorities sorted and have divided my life pie in manageable fractions. I have my fair share of work load however I always have my weekends packed for family and friends. The importance of both is non-negatable to me

14- Who or what is your driving force?

My father, he has instilled stunning work ethics in me and I truly believe in “Hardly is big success the work of one person”. Alhamdullilah I’ve been blessed with very supportive family, friends and teachers. Also, I’d credit the perfectionist inside me who rushes to achieve better than best

15- why have you chosen a line of business which is mostly male dominated

I’ve been luckily raised in a family where gender roles weren’t imposed and I’ve always gotten exposure to various tools, techniques, materials and markets. My father has always been very open with the discussions on business and woodworking also the frequent visits to our workshop with him inspired me to make it my second home. Contrary to common view, my parents never imposed this decision on me and I think the liberty actually inclined me towards it.

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  1. You are an insipiration to every young person out there and, particularly, young women. Keep it up!

  2. It seems relevant professional designs with creative ideas by a professional groomed woman in this field, which is very encouraging for many other girls who want to grow their career in such fields.. I must appreciate and encourage sumreen’s direction with complete honest dedication to this area which is surely required such professional experts with innovative ideas and mindset towards growing world .
    keep it up ..

  3. Good to know that some one with the right education is serving the relative furniture industry. I am sure her products would be aesthetically much more sound then the random ones being produce by the regular carpenters who are just copying designs from the internet. Would surely visit her website and try her products.

  4. You’re an inspiration and a prime example of what women can accomplish when gender roles are not imposed on them. (especially in the business community)

  5. You are a strong, independent woman, that is able to find happiness on your own. You have self-confidence without having to rely on another person or society for validation. You have emotional independence and being able to have healthy relationships with others without falling into co-dependent patterns.

  6. Great initiative, Sumreen. The project definitely sounds very interesting, especially how its been pulled out, with an amalgam of customer-oriented approach with the essence of your own creative ideas. It has success written all over it. Best of luck!

  7. Impressive proud of you i know how hard is to have your identity separately while having a furniture background already keep your efforts up always as you are.

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