Ali Zafar said 5 most outrageous things about harassment on Mubashir Luqman’s Show

Ali Zafar has started giving interviews on different channels to defend himself against the harassment allegations by Meesha Shafi. Recently he appeared in a show of Mubashir Luqman, and as expected of such a show, nothing was decent or balanced inquiry about the entire matter. Mubashir Luqman was defending Ali Zafar more than Ali Zafar defended Ali Zafar. Rather than defending or explaining, the two men vomited out typical disgusting slanders that any disrespectful man does to justify his behavior. Here are top five statements by the two men, especially by Ali Zafar in that interview that proved the most typical behavior of a harasser.

1-I worked with Bollywood actresses why would I choose Meesha

At one point Ali Zafar listed the top Bollywood actresses and made a point that if they don’t have a problem with him how can Meesha has a problem with him.

Ridiculous! How demeaning he is towards women.

i) Firstly, he is talking about his fellow actresses as they were options and since in the line, according to him Bollywood women were better options (don’t know based on which criteria) why he would harass Meesha Shafi.

ii) Secondly, if beauty or appearance was the criteria of harassment, not a dirty maid or a female laborer drenched in sweat and mud or a girl clad in chaddar or burqa would ever get rapped, let alone harassed.

Being part of disciplinary committees at my workplace this is the most common excuse I have seen among harassers, ‘why her when I could have a lot of others’

2-She is so bold she would slap someone right away, then Why did not she react when I harassed her

Rose McGowan, Hollywood actress, the woman who started this anti-harassment movement world over by accusing Harvey Weinstein, the famous powerful producer, came out with this allegation perhaps 10 to 15 years later after the incident happened to her. Rose McGowan has always been a bold and confident person but she could  not react in that certain situation. After she was raped by Harvey Weinstein she was paid millions to stay quite she accepted the money and later on did not remain silent, saying hush money is not enough to compensate what he did to her. So if a Hollywood actress with so much power could not speak, it is not easy for any one esle.

Harassment does not work that simply, when a person is offended physically or mentally  your  mind does not process it immediately.  Your mind mostly gets numb or confused about what has happened especially if you are harassed by some one you completely trust. You start doubting their intention or think perhaps it was a mistake.

3-She is an angry woman who has has filed cases against her cousin and in-laws

Ali portrayed Meesha  as a psychotic angry woman, a typical way of discrediting women for many years, by saying she has filed cases against her cousin and her in laws. How the cases against her cousin and in-laws prove her to be on the wrong side.


if a woman who has reported three crimes before does that mean a 4th crime can not happen to her. Or how does that mean that all 5 crimes she reported are lies. On the other hand, it can even prove that such a woman is a person of substance who takes a stand every time time she needs one.

4-There were 11 other people in room

No body harasses by announcing in the room, an event is going to happen please notice closely.

A man gently pressing his hand on your butt or back, saying quietly a sleazy comment or touching your boobs can happen so quickly and easily that one would not even notice if something has happened. So to say there were 11 people in room is a ridiculous excuse.

5-Meesha wants international recognition

Funniest of all, Ali said Meesha wants to be Malala, what he meant by that I don’t know!

But a woman with so much fame and being in public eye obviously had more to lose than gain; she spoke against one of the most loved, famous and powerful singers and producers. She couldn’t have guessed when she came out with this accusation if people would believe her, if she would get any support. In the beginning, she wasactually dragged through mud for bravely putting it out there.


By writing this article I am not saying that Ali Zafar is 100% a harasser or he does not have the right to come and speak his side of the story but what crap he kept pouring out seemed as if he was using all typical South East Asian tactics of getting the blame off of him, not by logically taking the matter but by staining Meesha’ character. He even at one point indirectly accused Jami of supporting Meesha because Jami had an issue with Ali Zafar over some payment. So rather than explaining his position he answered blame with further blaming and blaming in the most dirty-full manner possible. And how vehemently Mubashir Luqman kept the momentum of this slander is not even worth talking about, because one can certainly expect this from a man of his caliber.

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