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So about 6 months ago, I visited alfatah Faisalabad mall for some reason and there I spotted the slides, which are quite in fashion these days. The fake Gucci, LV Adidas ones. I saw so many celebrities wearing them so I thought I should buy to wear in my house. It was a bit cold those days so I actually wanted slides to wear in my house because one can wear socks inside the slides.


Well style, obviously alfatah Faisalabad chappals look quite good. I have seen celebrities wearing exactly same chappals on casual looks with jeans and tops. So style wise they have not only this specific one but many other nice looking chapals. They had huge variety of regular slides.


The quality of the bottom part where the foot rests is very hard. I don’t think even if I throw it under a bus tyre it would break. The quality of the upper flap or the patch is very low, it started getting cracked after a few days of wearing.


These alfatah Faisalabad slides/chappals are not comfortable at all. As I have written above that the bottom part is too hard, it actually hurts my feet to rest on such hard surface of chappal.

In winter I wore socks in them so it was not that big of problem but now in summers I just can’t wear them because after walking in them for a while my feet get sore. The above patch is also uncomfortable and gives heat affect, it is made of some material that cause sweating. Even the walking gets difficult in these chappsls. Comfort wise these chapals are 0/10


alfatah fasialabad chappal side chipped off

Extremely non-durable. Though, I have used them like an animal but still they have worn out way before they should have. After a few days of buying the border of upper flap/patch started getting cracks. And then after about a week or two, the flap chipped of from one side. Though I did walk in alfatah faisalabad chappals for one hour straight sometimes yet it does not mean they should get damaged that quickly.


800 rupees


2-ALOE VERA GEL BY YESNOW COMPANY from alfatah Faisalabad

aloe vera gel from alafatah Faisalabad

I saw this Aloe vera gel first in an Australian youtuber’s video and by chance on my visit to Alfatah Faisalabad I saw it there. I instantly grabbed aloe vera gel by YESNOW because it was quite inexpensive and I am using it ever since.


The box is sturdy but the lid inside the top cover is a bit crooked and goes into the container which is a little hassle but i ignore it.

ALOE VERA GEL by YESNOW company from alfatah Faisalabad


1-The quality of the product is really good it claims to have 99% Aloe vera gel and to be honest it actually feels like that.

2-I have the plant of aloe vera gel in my home and I used to apply that too but I stopped using it because it created a lot of mess and needed quite a lot of time to take the branch off, peel off the skin and take out the gel and then too blend the cube form natural aloe vera took even more time.

3-so this one is processed into light creamy consistency not thick or pasty at all. Rather primer like soft. It takes a minute to get absorbed in your skin. There is no fragrance or feel of the product but after application gives a very smooth texture to the skin.


  1. I use it as sun screen, the store bought sun screens sometime times make me feel heavy or greasy especially when it is too hot outside. So I apply this gel rather than sunblock
  2. I use it as primer as well. It is very light weight and prepares my skin for make up. Especially if I want a natural make up look then I don’t apply market bought primer at all because it gives heavy finished look.
  3. Most of all I use this gel to make various face masks and toners
  4. You can add this in your home made DIY face and hair masks and it gives very good results.

Price: 200 rupees

AVAILBITY: easy available at alfatah Mall, SB stores in Faisalabad

HOW LONG IT LASTS: Aloe Vera gel by YESNOW is a huge container and easily lasts for 6 to 8 months obviously depends on usage as well. I use it quite regularly and has lasted for 7 months for me.


3-EYELASH CURLER from alfatah Faisalabad

I always use eyelash curler because I feel it makes me eyes look awake. I always pick up a random eyelash curler and use it. This time I picked one while shopping from alfatah Faisalabad mall. It is by Belini Company.


eyelash curler packing bought for alfatah Faisalabad

eyelash curler was packed really good. Placed on a card sheet and sealed with good quality plastic sheet.


eyelash curler by Belini company from alfatah Faisalabad

Overall the quality is really good. It has very springy handle that easily make you press the lashes.

The handles have good grip made for holding.

The only problem is with rubber that is inside the curler face where the lashes rest. It has stickiness to it. Perhaps it is because of hot weather but still it should not be like that.

eyelash curler rubber
I have put another rubber from my old curler in this one

Previously I bought my eyelash curler from HEB Austin. HEB Austin eyelash curler’s rubber even in this hot weather never made my lashes stick to the rubbery thing. But this eyelash curler makes my lashes hurt a little bit.

this eyelash curler takes a small pressure to remove my lashes away from the rubber. Though it is working ok but in this price range I should have got a better one.

PRICE: 350

VERDICT: partially recommended 3/5

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