Afghanistan cricket fans fighting with Pakistani fans

Last night Afghanistan team put up a great fight against Pakistan. Afghanistan cricket team has proven to be a vigilant side throughout out this world cup. Any sensible nation with such a team performance at such infancy of their team development would swell with pride. Sadly we didn’t see this happening last night. The videos coming after the match of afghan cricket fans’ reactions are terrible and disgraceful.

Pakistan has lost every match in every world cup against India. In every world cup we get frustrated, sad and disappointed but we never put the blame on opposition. We have always accepted that Indian cricket side fights better. Pakistani crowd though, have shown non physical embarrassing display of sportsman spirit by criticizing their own players. But you would never see a Pakistani fan bashing or thrashing an Indian fan because we have matured sense of winning and losing.

Many Afghan cricket fans are beating a Pakistan cricket supporter

Afghanistan supporters not only fought outside the stadium, but were seen beating a Pakistani fan but even after the match rather than celebrating a great fight by their team, they were throwing things on Pakistani cricket supporters.

Afghanistan is a country which has always responded our support and kindness with bigotry, hate and disrespect. Their cricket chairman even went saying that Afghanistan is a better cricket side than Pakistan. Pakistan is the same country where many of their players get training, many have lived in Pakistan and even many are respectfully invited to play in PSL. We have supported them at every avenue of cricket and all we get back is hate and filth.

Afghanistan cricket fan furious over defeat of his team

I am not saying all Afgahnis are like that…. NOT AT ALL. But those who are not like that should speak up and against this behavior loud and clear.

Karma is a bitch some people say. Karma is a righteous bitch I would say. It has shown if you speak bigger words than your true worth you gotta pay a price for that. And hopefully these fans don’t become a constant embarrassment to Afghan nation

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