1) Drink Sattu Sharbat (Roasted gram flour juice):

          Sattu sharabt is a desi drink that beats the summer heat and cools your body. It only requires sattu, brown sugar and water.


In rural areas sattu (roasted gram flour) has been used for a long time to cool the body temperature in hot summers. It not only cools down your body heat but brings a proper glow to your skin. It has many health benefits because it contains protein, fiber, minerals, calcium, iron etc. Sattu contains a lot of fiber which helps in digestion. Last but not the least it gives you instant energy.

2) Carry Umbrella

             In summers especially in south east Asian countries where summers are very hot always carry umbrella during daytime. Umbrella not only protects you from sunstroke but will also protect you from sun burn.

Note: Do not use black color’ umbrella in summers. As black color absorbs more heat.

3) Spray water on face

          To keep your face hydrated and nourished through out the day, always keep a small shower water bottle in your handbag. After every  2 to 3 hours spray water on your face to keep it fresh and glowing. This tip is recommended by the famous star Kourtney Kardashian in her Vogue makeup tutorial.

Note: you can even use cucumber juice mixed with water for spray on your face, it will give extra direct nourishment to your skin.

4) Eat water enriched food

             Make sure that in summers you are consuming food that are rich source of water, such as Cucumber (96% water), tomatoes (94% water), watermelon (91 % water), yogurt, capsicum, Broccoli, lemon etc. All these items are an easy source of water intake, minerals, fibers and vitamins etc.

5) Choose fabric wisely

        Select light color clothes because light color reflects heat. Moreover, light color gives you a cooler and more soothing effect.  Secondly, go for loose clothes because loose clothes let the air to easily enter your clothes and dry sweat.

People always go for short and sleeveless dresses in summers while such clothes exposes your body to scorching heat which causes sun burn, wrinkles, heat rashes, quick ageing and heat also dries your skin. So, the best clothing choice for summers is loose pants, shirts or loose shalwar kameez etc.

6) Take Breakfast

             Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whole day’s work depends on the energy fuel-ed by the breakfast. As, it gives you boost and protects you from dizziness and lethargy due to scorching heat.

So, your breakfast should contain some healthy and energizing items majorly containing protein and fibre. As protein is an energy booster. Top breakfast suggestions are milk, scrambled or boil eggs, oats, yogurt, green juices, wheat bread with butter and if you are at short of time you can have any fruit etc. All these items are full of nutrition’s.

Scrambling or boiling an egg or filling a glass of milk hardy takes 10 minutes so do not skip breakfast because of shortage of time.

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