6 Make up essentials for absolute beginners

Items required:

  1. bb cream
  2. face powder
  3. blush
  4. mascaras
  5. sparkly one eye shadow color (in pink or brown)
  6. Lip gloss

so as beginner we want to develop skill in a simple and natural look to make us look neat and fresh.

Product function and suggestions:

1.BB cream


  • Garnier (price 760 rupees)
  • Ponds (395 rupees)
  • Maybelline (selling between 749 to 1100 rupees)

Why BB cream is important?

  • bb cream gives smoothness to skin and cover scars or blemishes.
  • bb cream is easier to handle as compared to foundation.
  • just put small swatches across face and blend with a blender

2.face powder


  • Rimmel matte facepowder (700-800 rupees)
  • Maybelline clear glow all in one (around 1100 rupees)

why face powder is important?

since bb cream or foundations are flowy or liquidy in consistency we need something to stay them pressed to skin, so face powder does. The two products I have mentioned above (Rimmel and Maybelline face powder)I have used and found them really good. Rimmel gives very light coverage and Maybelline one gives high coverage



  • Rivaj blushes (400 to 500 rupees)
  • Wet and Wild blushes (1100 to 1200 rupees)
  • Maybelline dream bouncy blush (600 rupees)

why blush on is important?

so once you apply bb cream and facepowder, the face looks clean like a canvas but as canvas without colors look bland so does our face we need to give a few color touch to make our face look radiant. I am huge fan of wet and wild blush since it looks very natural but in Pakistan wet and wild products are not easily available so you can go for Rivaj and Maybelline they are also quite good.



  • I have only used Rivaj mascaras always (price range is between 200 to 350 rupees)
  • but have heard good stuff about lancome mascara as well (somewhere above 1000 rupees)

Why Mascara is important?

so to make our eye lashes look bigger and neater apply mascara. You will figure out gradually of your style of thick mascara on thin layer of macara. some people just apply mascara on the outer tips of lashes for natural looking lashes.

5.eye shadow

  • Maybelline
  • Rivaj
  • luscious

so a lot of people might not consider eye shadow important for beginners or for natural look but I think to have a proportional look of face a little sparkle on eyes gives a refreshing touch to over all look.You can go for light pink, light brown or light peach for natural look there are many shops that provide good quality only one small container of eye shades.

6.Lip Gloss

rivaj lip gloss


  • Rivaj glosses (between 150 to 250 rupees)
  • Flormar (between 200 to 500 rupees

So what life would be without a good lip tint or lip color, perhaps BORING 😉 so many people have discolored or rough looking lips and to achieve over all perfect natural look do add a natural color lip gloss either in pink, nude, or peach tone.


It does not mean that at beginner level you can’t play with experimental stuff, I mean concealer is always a good addition in beginning products but the above mentioned, in my opinion are absolute essentials for a basic neat look.

In one of my coming posts I will tell you how to have natural make up with these beginner few products.

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