5 must have shoes for summers



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Finally, the winters are officially over and we are fast pacing from spring into summer. As we have longer and intense summers here in Pakistan, we tend to buy more clothes and shoes during this season as compared to winters. I have seen so many girls filling up their wardrobes and shoes section with new items, and yet not looking up to the mark. With more items you may buy more fashionable items but not style. Style only comes when you consciously buy things and as consumer of those items you are well aware when to wear an item paired with which clothing style.

If you have been following my blog or have at least read the ‘About’ section, you would know I am a strong believer of minimalist fashion. Minimalist fashion promotes the idea of buying lesser and more durable things. It encourages fashion enthusiasts to be more conscious and responsible of their choice and be creative while styling themselves. In short Minimalist fashion concept promotes less items and more creativity in wearing and pairing them.

I have realized in each season the comprehensive number of foot wears one needs is 5 pairs. In winters these pairs are more closed shoes. Where as in summer following are the five pair of shoes which if you have in your wardrobe you would be set to have perfect style for entire hot season.


such slides can be found in Alafatah store

Slide are now super in, both in casual and formal set ups. Many types of slides are in market, casual slides with fake Guci, LV and PUMA logos are common among youngsters and they look quite chic when worn with PJs or Jeans for a regular stroll outside your home.

Similarly, some stylish slides are available in my most favorite brand ‘IDEAS’ by Gul Ahmed. Ideas slides are a bit on the expensive side for regular wear but I have bought many, many shoes from their store and I can guarantee of their quality. There is this one pink slide that I am using for past 3 years and it looks as new as I bought it yesterday.

The above Ideas slides are available on this link: https://www.gulahmedshop.com/pink-9030


If you are looking for a bit cheaper option than ECS has also some great options. Here are a few slides that are my favorite these days

Summer shoes
ECS summer 2020 blue slides

2- Khussa

ECS khussa from their traditional shoes range

Khussa has never been out but since last year and especially since Maya Ali has styled them at her major photo shoots, Khussa are now the ‘it’ footwear for regular to formal occasions. Plain Khussas are more common than beaded and embroided ones. Silver plain khussa with tights and a long shirt or ‘andrakha’ just cannot go wrong. In summer if you wear close pump shoes or barbie shoes,your feet get really sweaty and suffocated but the good thing with khussa is that they are made in such a way that they are airy. Moreover, Khussas are so easy to remove that if you feel suffocated you can take off your khussa for a minute or two without anyone noticing. Plain khussas are perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries, even for interviews or formal presentation. Therefore, Khussa is a total must for summer shoe collection.

3-Koula Purry

ECS koula Purri chappal

Though Koula Purri as a fashion statement is not too much in trend but I believe if you wear anything right way even if it is not in trend it looks stylish. Koula Purri is traditional shoe style that goes with many of your Eastern wear like plain trouser and long shirt, even with churri pajama and Kurta. I have even seen so many celebrities wearing Koula Purri with jeans as well. With Koula Purri most people make the mistake of buying very low quality chappal, and as Koula Purri base is of very thin fake leather it gets worn out really quickly. I would suggest you to always invest in quality items so that they look good for longer time and not just for one wear. Borjan mostly offers great quality Koula Purri, you can also check ECS for good quality Koula Purri.

4- one strap block heel

summer shoes
Unze London Block heel

In summers we get a lot of semi-formal to formal events. And as much as I recommend flats for formal occasion still one must have a good pair of heels to break the monotony of same style. I would not recommend you to be too experimental or risky with your heel choice. I mean I bought a very tall stylish heel from ECS around 3 years back. It has this elegant pattern on it as well. But I have worn this heel a maximum of two times- why? Well one it is too high to be comfortable and second it is too high to be worn on professional formal occasion. To wear my ECS heels I have to wait for party type formal occasions which I don’t attend much and therefore my heel is getting wasted.

One strap heel of nude or black color with average height is ideal choice for heels. Even some shoes brands are offering one stripped block heels or wedges which is even more comfortable option for choosing a heel.

Some simple and elegant one strap heels are available at Unze London shop at flat 50% off, here is the link https://www.unze.com.pk/women-sandra-block-heel-stylish-sandals-l34123-52783

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5- Sandals

ECS sandal from summer 2020 collection

Sandals are my most favorite because they are not like plain flats which some times look too casual neither they are like heels which mostly look too formal. Sandals are in between, they give you that semi-formal kind of elegance. Moreover, sandals are good for feet as well they keep your feet fit at one place. Sandals look great with both eastern and western wear. But sandals are good option for casual day to day wear at work or university but for formal occasions sandals should be avoided as they don’t bring that ceremonial style while wearing.

summer shoes
ECS sandals

Above were my top 5 picks for must have shoe collection, do let me know if you have similar choice or not. Do let us know with your opinion as it helps us to bring more relevant content for you guys.

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