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Shalwar or trousers used to be pretty simple when I was growing up. But whenever I used to see my mother’s pictures from 70s and 80, I saw designed ‘painchas’ of shalwars, there were literally elegant pattern made on wide ‘painchas’ and even bell bottom pants used to be so stylish-very tight from top and very flair-y from bottom. The trend of fashionable bottoms is in trend again. If you observe celebrities or Instagram models- all are wearing stylish shalwars or unique trouser designs. Following are the stylish bottoms that are in trend:

1-tulip shalwar

tulip shalwar-shalwar trouser

Tulip shalwar came and vanished a few years back but all of sudden it is in fashion once again. Many top celebrities like Minal Khan, Sadaf kanwal, sumbal Iqbal, mawra hussain and many others are seen in tulip shalwar. Mostly now tulip shlawars are worn with a little bit beads at front or a little light lace at front.

tulip shalwar-shalwar trouser
Model Sadia Khan in tulip shalwar

Though tulip shalwar is trendy but I would say it is a very hard bottom to carry. Because if the tulip shalwar is not well stitched it looks very clumsy and rough. Try to get your tulip shalwar stitched from a very well trained tailor so that the front comes exactly at front and the beads or lace makes an elegant shape.

2-loose striped pants

loose striped trouser-shalwar trouser

So a year back I saw one of my favorite loose pants in Limelight, they have an amazing collection but limelight’s loose pants were pretty expensive so the wise me left them hanging in the store and wished for a sale, which never happened.

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But a few days a go I went to Metro Cash and Carry and guess what your girl spotted-a loose pair of pants in much lesser price.  This time I did not let my money saving voice come into my head and quickly put them in cart.

I have them with me and now I am looking for a matching shaffon shirt with it. I am trying to get something knee length so that I can wear at work place as well.

I would suggest you to get at least one pair of loose pants and you can wear them in so many way. Loose pants look really classy for an eat out or hang out if you tuck in your shirt. You can wear a loose knee length or a little above shirt for office or university.

mawra hussain in loose pants

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Lulusar pants that are on sale are available on this link:

3- 7 inch painchay shalwar

shalwar trouser
mahira khan in tight ‘painchay’ shalwar

Since my school days literally for next perhaps 10 years there was no trend of shalwar at all. All I saw was tight trousers than loose trousers, back and forth. But finally now shalwar is back in fashion. Many celebrities are wearing shalwar with less width ‘paanchay’.

mahira khan wearing simple shalwar kameez

I would suggest you to get good old plain white shalwar and get a light elegant chicken lace on ‘painchay’-one can never go wrong with that.

By the way ‘gotta’ is in fashion as well. You can get a simple ‘gotta patty’ for ‘painchay’ as well. People are literally getting elegant embroided patterns made on ‘painchay’ of shalwar. Below are pictures of Mahira Khan’s two different outfits and both outfits have elaborated work done on ‘painchay’

4- wide paanchay trouser

Aiman khan in loose trouser

So though slim fitted or Capri pant style trousers are still very much in but recently a lot of celebrities are seen wearing ultra wide ‘panchay’ trouser. Minal Khan, Sadaf Kanwal many are wearing these loose trouser. Hania Amir through out her drama “Ishiqyya” has worn these loose ‘panchay’ trouser.

These wide panchay trouser are quite comfortable to wear during summers. I would suggest you to get at least two wide ‘pacnahy’ trouser and pair them with various shirts. Both very long and knee length short shirts are in trend with these wide ‘panchay’ trouser

5- Designed trouser panchay

sumbal iqbak in designed ‘painchay’ trouser

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If there is one thing that has come good from this ramzan’s jeeto Pakistan, that is elegantly designed ‘panchay’ of Sana Khan’s trousers. Not just her many celebrities are wearing trouser with some creative style at the ‘panchay’.

Go for a simple pleats or a little lace style if your tailor like mine messes up things. But if you have a good tailor who stitches good, try searching some good trouser ‘panchay’ design on pinterest then copy them. Tight fitted trouser with 7 to 8 inch ‘panchay’ having elegant design look enormously chic and even formal as well.

These were all the trouser/shalwar or bottom styles that I have observed are super in these days. Do let me know If there is any other style that you have observed. I would love hear from you all.

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