It sounds silly to think that each day you should list your tasks that you are to accomplish by the end of day. But trust me I was given this idea by my Abu (father), he always asked me to list things that I need to pack and assignment that i need to get done etc and I have been doing this for more than 7 years now, I started when I was in university.

Mentally it would do wonders for you like

1-At the end of day you will feel accomplished

2-You won’t feel belittled by remembering at the end of day I forgot to do this and that

3-Each day will feel purposeful

Listing tasks does not mean your lists need to include mighty revolutionary tasks. It can include simple things that you need to do or you really wish you should do

a)Cook your favorite browny recipe

b)Call a friend

c)Clean the room

few pics from my daily task book

small things that matters to you and that need to get done will make you feel that you are getting things done and not wasting away time.


Spending me time is the most important thing which many women in Pakistan feel unnecessary or are told that it is weird to do. It is vital that along with being sister, mother daughter you should feel a whole complete person with her own views, opinion and dreams. To have a clear mind you can spend me time by having a cup of tea with yourself on roof top of your house or in the balcony or just by sitting in your room alone. But do spend time alone to clear your mind, to review yourself and those around you. Me time does not mean to only spend time alone when you want to wallow in stress and self pity.

There is a huge emphasis on real or inner beauty these days, which is really good, but just like a good book, house or a shrine need to be meaningful from inside, its outward looks is what makes people come to it. Looking beautiful will make you feel beautiful in your own skin, many people feel more confident when they look nice or praised for how they carry themselves. And a first step to looking beautiful should be to always be neat and clean  and have clean clothing.


Human beings have mostly small ego and if it’s quenched the right way, gradually you can tame it to doing the right things.

What I mean to say is that people don’t just give charity or help others to go to heaven, they do it because it makes them feel better, superior or capable of providing to others and thus their ego gets satisfied. So rather than flaunting your wealth, and fanning your ego’s hunger for praise and envy, tame it to do service to others.

Secondly, one part of our personality that keep bugging us is if we have more and some one has less, we ask ourselves why such a division, if I am fully provided or live a privileged life it does not mean that I earned all this from God because of some superior quality of mine, it is just a blessing that He decided to give to me. So I am blessed with comfort with out a reason, it is my responsibility to do it to others without a reason. And for sure helping others will make you feel that you are extending God’s work of blessing.


If you ask me what one biggest lesson I have learnt from my life and I want everyone to practice is, that will be, to let go and move on.

I am not saying it from only romantic heart break perspective but from every perspective. Life is temporary and so is everything and every relation and every phase and every success and every failure , so you must sit yourself down and tell yourself, nothing is ever going to last, so why should your anger, grieve, envy or frustrate permanently. Let go of revenge, cut off from bad people, bad situation, and even let go off the good people who are a cause of circumstantial trouble let them go to bring ease to them and to yourself. Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time and that makes the whole thing wrong, that means that right person is not for you so let go and move on.

Move on from the person who broke your heart, a partner or a best friend, a sibling or a parent, just move on with your life telling yourself you can do you and what they did is their way, you can’t force people to your ways. So try practicing of letting go of things to keep life simple and straight.


Though it might sound a bit western concept to have a hobby but it is very vital to live a sane life. One can’t feel full filled just by studying all the time , getting good grades, or having good salary and a big house. Along with outer comfort human brain needs inner peace as well.Your mind has creative tendencies, everyone’s mind has them, and a human being’s personality needs an outlet for that so try experimenting with different creative stuff like painting, dancing, singing if not that than just simple writing a journal or making a simple recipe can work but explore yourself in different ways let your mind feel that it is not just a machine. Hobbies also help us, unintentionally, to vent our anger or divert our mind from regular stress. My favorite hobbies are writing and cooking. I like writing but I can’t do it all day but I love cooking and I can do it all day with out a break with same dedication. One can’t find a hobby instantly explore different things and try it for a while, gradually you will get connected to something.


Don’t live life like a dead fish that goes with water wherever it takes it rather be your own best friend and your own best therapist. Try organizing your life in such a way that you feel valued in your own eyes, and you don’t feel suffocated in your own company and that would happen once you start valuing your life and your time. Don’t just eat, work and sleep each day, make your days a little exciting and “to look forward to” kind.

may you all be blessed with the best of health and happiness.

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