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Every Pakistani girl desires thick and healthy hair. Thick and healthy hair require a lot of care, which is sometimes difficult because of a hectic schedule at college, university, home or work. Also, in an effort to achieve thick and healthy hair, a lot of girls try numerous hair care products. It is not necessary that every hair care product suits you, and this trial and error for the perfect product can sometimes do more harm than good. While trying strategies to stop hair fall and improve hair thickness, it is always best to go for natural products. Let’s look at 5 effective ways to stop hair fall and get the thick, healthy hair of your dreams.

Tip 1: Egg treatment for Healthy hair

egg mask for healthy hair. shiny hair egg mask

How it works: Protein is one of the essential ingredients that the body requires to build strong, thick hair. Eggs are one of the richest food sources of protein, and applying egg on your hair can give your hair the volume and shine that it lacks.

How to apply egg on your hair: You can apply egg on your hair as it is, or you can combine it with oil or yogurt. To apply an egg mask, first beat 1-2 eggs nicely. Damp your hair slightly with water, and apply the eggs onto your hair and scalp. Leave the eggs on for about 30 minutes, and then wash the hair thoroughly with water and a shampoo with a mild formula.

You might find the smell of eggs slightly disturbing at first, but the results are sure to make you forget all about that smell. If you want to use egg and oil together, mix two egg yolks with 1 tbsp of olive oil and 2 tbsp of water. Apply the mixture on your dry hair and scalp, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash it thoroughly with shampoo and water.

How often to use this remedy: You can apply egg on your hair once a week if you have a hectic schedule. But, if you want fast results, you can even apply this egg mask onto your scalp twice or thrice a week. Avoid using conditioner when you apply egg onto your hair, as this egg mask will act as a natural conditioner0.

Tip 2: Orange puree for Healthy hair

Orange puree for Healthy hair

How it works: This may sound a little bit weird at first, but using orange puree as a hair treatment is a great and proven way to get voluminous and lovely hair. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, pectin, and citric acid. All these ingredients help the hair in different ways, and the end result is that your hair gets lustrous and beautiful. The citric acid in oranges helps to break apart residue left in your hair from previously used products. These residues can interfere with hair growth. Plus, orange puree also leaves a very pleasant scent in your hair.

How to use orange puree hair treatment: Peel 2-3 fresh oranges and blend them to make a thick puree. Massage this puree lightly into the hair and scalp. Leave this puree on for about one hour, and wash it with water and a mild shampoo. You can also use a light conditioner to rehydrate your hair after using this remedy.

How often to use this remedy: You can use this remedy once a week for best result. If you use it too often, the acid in the orange puree can cause dryness in the hair and scalp.

Tip 3: Onion juice

onion juice remedy

How it works: Using onion juice is a great remedy for hair that is gaining more and more popularity these days. Not only does it stop hair fall, onion juice also helps to get rid of dandruff, baldness, brittle hair and itchy scalp. The reason that onion juice is so effective for hair is that it is rich in sulfur. Sulfur is an important component of the amino acids which are required for making the protein keratin. Keratin is a necessary ingredient for strong hair. The sulfur from onion juice also helps to promote collagen production, which helps hair to become shiny and healthy.

How to use onion juice hair treatment: Before using this remedy, you should make sure that you are not allergic to onions, and that onion juice does not irritate your skin. For this, you can first apply onion juice to a small portion of your scalp. If it itches or causes redness, avoid using this remedy. The correct method of using onion juice hair treatment is that you first have to peel 3-4 onions and chop them up into small pieces. Use a juicer or manual extractor to extract the juice from the onions. Apply the juice to your scalp and hair. Leave the juice on for about 15 minutes. Wash with a mild shampoo. If the smell irritates you, try adding a few drops of peppermint or rosemary essential oil to the onion juice.

How often to use this remedy: For best results, you should use this remedy at least twice or thrice a week. Use this remedy regularly for around 1.5-2 months, and you will start to see a visible difference in the quality and thickness of your hair.


Tip 4: Green tea rinse

Green tea to reduce hair treatment

How it works: Applying green tea on hair is a great way to improve hair thickness and quality. Green tea is rich in nutrients, caffeine and antioxidants (Vitamin C and Vitamin E), which are extremely important for boosting hair growth and preventing hair loss. A green tea rinse also helps to nourish hair follicles, and this results in thick, healthy and shiny hair.

How to use green tea hair rinse: In order to prepare the green tea concoction, soak 2-3 good quality green teabags in 1-2 cups of hot water. When the tea cools, pour it over your hair and scalp, and gently massage your head while doing this. Wait for an hour, and rinse the green tea off with cool water.

How often to use this remedy: You can use this remedy once or twice a week for best results. Avoid using flavored green teabags for this hair rinse.


Tip 5: Aloe Vera gel

aloe vera gel for hair fall solution

How it works: Using Aloe Vera gel for hair is an extremely effective remedy to control hair loss and boost hair growth. Due to its moisturizing properties and the presence of nourishing vitamins, it also helps to prevent dandruff and itching in the scalp. Aloe Vera gel is rich in Vitamins C, E B-12, folic acid, and choline. All of these nutrients help to nourish and strengthen hair. You can combine Aloe Vera gel with coconut oil for even better results.

How to use Aloe Vera gel remedy: Take fresh Aloe Vera stalks and extract the pulp from them. Apply the gel to your scalp and hair gently, and leave it on for 45 minutes. Rinse properly with water. Aloe Vera gel leaves a sticky film on your hair, so be sure to rinse it properly.

If you want to make an aloe and coconut hair mask, take 2 tbsp of fresh Aloe Vera gel and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Mix the ingredients together until they form a smooth, blended paste. Apply the mask to your hair and scalp first with fingers, and then comb your hair with a wide toothed comb. Combing the hair after applying the mask helps to spread the mask evenly through the hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap, and leave the mask on for about 30 minutes. Rinse your hair properly.

How often to use this remedy: You can use Aloe Vera gel or aloe and coconut mask remedy at least twice or thrice a week to get the thick and lustrous hair you have always wanted.


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Aside from these amazing and effective hair remedies, there are also a lot of simple strategies which you can use to avoid hair fall and improve hair thickness. After washing your hair, avoid rubbing it with a towel, or combing wet hair, since these increase hair fall. Using a ceramic circular hair brush helps to improve circulation to the hair follicles, which enhances hair growth. Good hair care does not necessarily mean using expensive, branded products. With simple home remedies and just a little bit of extra care, you will be able to achieve beautiful, thick hair.

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