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Dupattas are the new complete fashion 🙂

Well Pakistan summer lasts the longer among all seasons and that’s why summer fashion is a huge thing. Most Pakistani fashion designers launch multiple volumes of their summer collection. Summer fashion is something that pleases people who see fashion as an artistic expression. In Pakistani summer fashion, the emerging and disappearing trends reflect the importance of fashion and innovation for this weather and trendiness.

Last summer season I wrote a whole article on what is in and what is out in clothes , You can read it here: https://lifestylebymunaza.com/what-is-in-and-what-is-out-in-pakistani-fashion/

About 6 to 7 years ago, regardless of hot weather, all major fashion brands introduced heavy neck lines with wide overly worked borders, even there were embroided patches with thick prints on sleeves and back of shirts. This fashion is totally replaced now by simple digital prints.

For past 3 to 4 years no matter if it’s plain lawn or light silk shirts for the beginning of summer or end of spring season, digital prints have been quite a fashionable thing.

The New ‘it’ Summer Fashion Trend-stylish Dupattas

As summer is approaching, now it is very important for all fashionista girls to know what is current trend and what should we be planning to have in our wardrobe. If you have noticed in past couple of years dupattas are being focused way more than shirts and trousers. First the designers introduced shaffon printed dupattas with lawn suits, then the next year light silk dupattas accompanied lawn wear and we also saw the good old “palachy dupattas” too.

Fashion brands gradually are becoming aware of average Pakistani girl needs and bringing trends that are sleek but easy to carry. Like me, many Pakistani average girls who are either students or professionals with busy routines and don’t have time on their sleeves can just find a fashionable dupatta and can fix the whole dress.

I am hugely liking this elegant dupattas trend. Basically the concept for this trend is that girls can choose dresses of their choice either completely plain or lightly embroided or mildly printed but pair your dress with the most extravagant dupatta. The style of your dress should not be your shirt or trouser rather the long dupattas that is most visible to you and others.

Following are top 5 dupattas that you must have in your summer collection to up your style game in your university, college or workplace.

1-Organza/Tissue Dupatta

You might have seen many celebrities like Hania Amir, Saboor Aly even Mahira Khan carrying a plain organza dupatta with either a plain suit or umbrella frock. Organza dupattas make a simple suit look exquisitely special.

organza dupattas, lifestyle by munaza

I went to a few markets and asked for Organza dupattas, the ones with a little embroidery or simple gotta work are too expensive. Some shop keepers were charging around 1800 to 2000 rupees.

I would suggest you to make a plain shirt with ‘churry daar pajama’ and buy simple plain organza (2 ½ gaz) and buy a simple golden ‘dory’ and get it stitched on all four sides of your organza dupatta. If golden dory is expensive just go to a ‘peeko wala’ and ask him to get a golden dory peeko and he will do it in peeko price.

Interesting thing about organza dupattas is that you can wear it with casual wear as well as with formal wear for parties and weddings.

naimal khawar in organza dupattas
Naimal Khawar in organza dupatta at a wedding in formal wear

2-Net dupattas

Net dupattas were quite famous around 10 years ago, they have made a huge come back. Net dupattas of all styles are in trend, people are wearing completely plain net dupattas with slightly printed or embroided dresses and even some people are buying the expensive net dupattas with good quality thick floral embroidery. Both simple or over worked net dupattas are in big trend this summer.

Here a few celebs styling net dupattas the most elegant way:

mehwish hayyat in net dopattas

3-Jacquard dupattas

Jacquard made a huge style game last summers, not only dupattas but limelight and Keyseriahttps://www.kayseria.com/ introduced complete jacquard suits. Though Jaquard suits are quite uncomfortable for scorching heat, as the golden work itches your skin. But since dopattas is above clothes so it does not bother you much. Jackquard dupattas make you look festive and very well ready.

Here are pics of Pakistani celebrities neatly wrapping jacquard dopattas:

4-Cotton Lawn dupatta with Golden thick Lines

I don’t know what is the formal name of these dopattas but they are the best style trend for summer. I have seen every other celebrity wearing it but mostly mawra and urwa wear it a lot. Golden patch dupatta pics are as follows, I would definitely suggest you to have one of these in your wardrobe:

mawra hussain golden patch dupatta
mawra hussain in golden patch dupattas

5-Dupatta with tassle laces

tassle on dupatta borders
tassle on dupatta border

Tassel are very much in fashion. You can buy a simple dopatta or take already available dupatta and get some good matching tastle lace from the market and get it stitched on the broad width side boarders. They are a little too much to carry but make you look very trendy

dupattas with tassle
mawra hussain with tassle dupatta

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