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Winter style


Winters are often associated with dark colors and dullness. However, even in this boring season, you can look posh and stylish with just a tiny bit of effort. Winter season is also wedding season, which makes it even more important to have some trendy and stylish dresses and accessories. A lot of brands have introduced winter collections and accessories, some of which are actually quite fantastic. Let’s look at some of the most stylish and trendy dress up styles that will make you look your best this winter.


Winter style 1: Plain dress with embroidered velvet shawl

Silk and cotton satin are some of the trendy fabrics for this year’s wedding season. For a beautiful festive look, get a plain silk or cotton satin dress. You can go for a lock maxi style stress with a churi-dar, or you can go for a short frock style dress with trousers. Pair this plain dress with a heavily embroidered velvet shawl for a look that is elegant and sophisticated. The Luxury Pret collection by Nishat Linen has some really gorgeous velvet shawls, but if you find them expensive, you can also get embroidered velvet shawls from online pages or any local market e.g. Liberty market.

You can also make this look more stylish by following some of these suggestions.

  • Pick the plain dress in a color that complements your shawl but does not overpower it. Make the shawl the main point of the overall look. For example, go for a rose gold or tea pink dress with a maroon velvet shawl.
  • Try to avoid adding any embellishments to the dress itself, so that the focus can be on your jewelry and embroidered shawl.
  • For a more festive look, go for meenakari jhumkay or big kundan earrings. You can also go for gajra bangles or rings. For a more sophisticated look, avoid wearing any neck jewelry.
  • You can complement this look with a center parted bun hairstyle, a side braid, or soft waves. If you want to look more festive, you can add some tiny flowers or pearl embellishments in your hair.
  • Your makeup should not be too heavy so as to keep the focus on your look. Go for a lip color to match your shawl. Shimmery eye makeup also goes well with this look. Winged eyeliner can also add to the sophistication and elegance of your look.
  • Complete this look with high heeled sandals and a simple bag or pouch to match. If there is some cloth left over from your dress, you can have a pouch made out of it to complement your dress.

Winter style 2: Plain shirt, jeans and furry jacket

For a more laid back winter style, you can wear your favorite shirt and a pair of tight jeans. Complement this with a furry jacket and funky boots. This look is really easy to do, but looks chic and stylish. Whether you are going on an outing with friends, or it is just a regular day at office, this look will be comfortable and trendy. Some suggestions for the perfect furry jacket look are:

  • Go for a plain or lightly printed shirt and pair this with your favorite pair of jeans. For a funkier look, you can go for faded, embroidered or studded jeans.
  • The color of the jacket should complement your shirt and jeans e.g. pink jacket with white or cream shirt can be a good combination
  • Accessorize your look with simple hoop earrings, charm bracelets and a long statement necklace. If your jacket is open from the front, a long necklace will do wonders to your look.
  • Make a lose ponytail or leave your hair open. You can also cover with a hat or scarf, if you are worried about hair damage from the cold air.
  • Keep your makeup light. Go for a soft shade of lipstick, however, a lip gloss is also good for this look. If you want to make your look bolder, you can go for a darker lip color and smoky eyes.
  • Go for a bucket bag or small backpack. You can easily find trendy bags online or at a lot of local stores.
  • Complete this stylish look with a pair of converse or chunky boots.

Dress up style 3: Winter cotton shawl and suit

cotton shawl for winter style

If you want to for a casual Eastern look, you can get a winter cotton suit and shawl in your favorite colors. Limelight has introduced some really pretty and affordable winter cotton unstitched fabrics as a part of its new collection. They also have a wide range of color and design options, from whites and oranges to dark blues and blacks. Winter cotton is also a very comfortable material that is easy to wear and is not rough or itchy.

  • Go for a printed winter cotton shirt, printed shawl, and a plain matching trouser. This will help to bring the focus to your pretty shawl and shirt.
  • For a simple look, accessorize the dress with simple jewelry. You can go for a simple zircon bracelet and small dangles or jhumki earrings.
  • Keep your hairstyle soft and simple. Pin it up from one side, or make a side braid for a more elegant look.
  • The makeup should also be soft and suitable. Lipstick in shades of pink or brown will make you look beautiful. Go for colored liner and light shimmery eye shadow.
  • A simple handbag or clutch will complement this look greatly.
  • Complete your look with a khussa, simple pumps, or your favorite sandal.


Dress up style 4: Silk double shirt

double shirt for winter style

Another winter look which is extremely trendy these days is the silk double shirt. This look comprises of a plain short silk shirt, paired with a long silk jacket. This dress is usually worn without a dupatta and looks very edgy and unique. The silk double shirt can be accompanied with a loose trouser or tight silk pants. Here are some tips to add to your look:

  • Select a beautiful color for your silk double shirt. Sky blue, mauve and tea pink are some of the colors that look particularly gorgeous.
  • Go for a plain shirt and embroidered or bejeweled jacket. The sleeves of the jacket should be long and fitted for a more pristine look.
  • Accessorize the look with simple jewelry. Zircon studs or dangles look good with this dress. You can also go for simple rings and a small elegant pendant.
  • Soft curls or a side bun are hairstyles that complement this look. Braided updo with wisps of hair framing the face also look pretty.
  • Because the jacket is fancy, avoid carrying a shoulder bag. Take a small pouch or clutch instead.
  • Complete the look with high heeled sandals. Open-toed shoes also go well with this look.


Winter look 5: Long coat with belt

winter style long coat

Having a long coat is extremely useful for the winter season. You can wear a long coat with all sorts of dresses, whether they be Eastern style or Western. If it is too cold outside, you can also wear a long coat on top of a fitted long-sleeved sweater. This look is very versatile and easy to carry. By pairing the same long coat with different dresses, shoes and accessories, you can achieve lots of different stylish looks.

  • Buy a long coat in a color that can easily be matched with a variety f dresses. Beige, cream, brown, white, or black are some of the colors that are perfect for a long coat.
  • If you are wearing the coat with jeans and shirt, wrap a muffler around your neck to add pizzazz to the look
  • If you are wearing the coat with an eastern dress, avoid taking a dupatta, and cover your hair with a hijab instead.
  • If you want the look to be more stylish and polished, add a slim metallic waistband or belt on top of the coat. For a more casual look, you can go for braided or beaded belts.
  • A furry hat and open hair complement this look. However, you can also go for a side braid, with a few wisps pulled out.
  • For accessories, you can go for hoops or funky dangle earrings. Cuff bracelets and statement rings also add to this look. You can also go for brightly colored nail paint.
  • For a Western look, go for chunky boots, while for an Eastern look, you go for plain pumps or sandals.
  • Grab a trendy bucket bag to complete the stylish look.

With just a few trendy shawls, wraps and accessories, you can look gorgeous and stylish at any event, be it an office meeting, a day out with friends, or a family wedding. You can buy cool jewelry, bags and belts online at affordable prices.

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