3D massage roller, 3d massaging roller

3 D massage roller (aka 3D Massaging roller) is almost a 12 to 15 inches long tong shaped item. At front of tongs are two circular balls around 2 cm in diameter. The balls move as they are massaged on skin. It has triangular kind of embossed texture which supposedly is to increase blood circulation. The item has strong grip, and on the handle is a small, fingertip size black patch which as claimed absorbs solar energy and transfer to human body.

Well before I talk about this massager in detail let me tell you how I thought to buy 3D massage roller.

if you follow my blog a little bit you must know that I am a huge skin care enthusiast.

I have written a detailed article on how to use green tea for skin tightening, you can read it on this link https://lifestylebymunaza.com/green-tea-water-for-skin-care/

For a very long time I have been following Korean and Chinese beauty and skincare bloggers and very frequently I have seen them using the 3 D massage roller. And in so many of those videos they clearly show how it brought great results. Watching all those videos I started looking for 3 D massage roller in Pakistan, I did find it in Miniso Faisalabad the first time but for some reason I just skipped it. Later on ELO website I saw it and instantly bought it because now as the awareness about this roller is increasing sellers are rising the prices.

I have 3D massage roller for almost past 4 months and I have been using it quite frequently. Here is my detailed analysis of the 3D Massaging roller.

Packaging of the 3D Massage Roller

All 3D massage rollers, that at least I have seen, are of the same type. I mean I have not seen different packaging showing that various companies are making it so perhaps in Pakistan the man supplier of this product is mainly one.

3D massage roller box from front side
  • The product comes in card board box of average quality with benefits, directions to use and pictures printed all over it.
  • Inside the box there is a plastic tray which has 3 D massager fixed in it and can be easily removed by hands.
  • There is a manual/ brochure inside the box as well.
  • Outside the box and also on the brochure provided inside the box, the company has given in detail  guidance of how to use the product with help of picture

Note: strangely outside the box 3d massaging roller appears to have 3 color options

  • Grey
  • Silver
  • Copper

But in Pakistan or even on internet videos I have only seen silver color massaging roller being used. I don’t know if other countries have 3d massaging roller in different colors. Also I don’t know if different colors provide different benefits or not!


claim written on box of 3 D massage roller

3D Massage Roller manufacturing team has made following claims about the product:

  • face-lifting
  • Skin tightening
  • Body shaping
  • Blood circulation
  • With advanced kneading technology it caters the sensitivity and unconsciousness of skin
  • Relieves sensitivity of skin
  • Streamline holder uses solar energy to activate cells and promote metabolism
  • Solar plate connects energy from sun ad stimulates the skin cells
  • Platinum body of 3 D Massage roller is helpful for sensitive skin (though there is a spelling mistake on box and it is written senditive skin and I have searched entire google there is no such thing as senditive skin
  • Platinum body of massager is heat resistant which keeps the gloss and newness of the massaging roller
  • water proof design
  • 360 rotate design helps it to be used on entire body


I will give you an overall review of these claims because I don’t know if the claims related to solar energy are true or not.

  • The major benefit which is not claimed on the box but I have felt is that it drastically reduces double chin and also for me it has chiseled or sharpened my cheek bone.If you want a product for double chin you should definitely try this.
  • Most definitely it tightens the skin. Once you roll it on your skin not only it gets firm but also gets very plump. I have a detailed video on its use and result, you can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlg4uDh8wnY&t=95s
  • Since it makes your skin plump I think the claim about blood circulation is quite true.
  • My skin is sensitive and if I use some average quality products it gets break outs but by using this no such thing happened so the claim that 3D massager is sensitive skin friendly is also quite true.
  • The product claims to improve metabolism well all I can say is that I eat pasta a lot and my metabolism often gets slower I roll it on  my belly for 15 minutes in horizontal direction and within half an hour  I go to rest room. I think in my case metabolism claims is very true.
  • The product design of 360 rotation definitely makes it easy to use on entire body.
  • Just like it firms facial skin, it does tone your arms and thighs. Last month I gained 2 and a half kgs. To reduce these 2 kgs I stopped eating rice for 15 days and along with that I used 3 massaging roller on my arms thighs and stomach and felt that it helps me maintain tonned shape.
  • Most definitely it is water proof which makes it easy to use at any place. 3D massaging roller is easy to carry as well. It can be easily adjusted in a medium size bag.


  • Toning
  • Skin tightening
  • Double chin removing
  • Metabolism improving


So far I have not experienced any disadvantages though only the price is a little high for common use .


use of 3d massage roller, 3 d massaging roller use

I have made a detailed video on how to use 3D massage roller, you can watch it on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlg4uDh8wnY&t=95s

  • Apply good amount of moisturizer or skin friendly oils like almond or olive oil on your facial skin, or arms thighs, waits line etc
  • Take the massaging roller
  • Hold it in upwards direction
  • Each time roll it upwards
  • However while using on arms and thighs you can roll back and forth
3D MASSAGE ROLLER,use of 3d massaging roller


I bought it from ELO website, in detail it is known as export leftover website.https://www.exportleftovers.com/

I tried finding it on Daraz.pk but did not find any trust worthy seller to recommend you all. I have seen it in Minsio Faisalabad, the one in Misaak ul Maal so I think Miniso is a good option to find 3D massage roller.

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