3 Worst Times To Eat-Avoid Weight Gain

just like eating a lot can lead to weight gain, eating less or adequate but at inappropriate time can cause de-shapped body or weight gain. Following are three times of day when you should not be eating:

1- Within Two Hours of a Major Meal

once you have taken full breakfast and lunch, within next two hours try avoiding anything heavy or best to avoid any solid food, you can take as much water as you like but solid food should be eaten with a minimum time difference of two hours.

2- Fruits after sun set and Fruits after meals

it is recommended to eat fruits before major meals and to avoid fruits altogether once the sun is down. After sun set light meals should be preferred as the metabolism gets slower after the sun set.

3- Eating after 9pm

so it is strongly recommended to stop eating at least 3 hours before sleep so that your body has processed all eaten food before sleep. Because once the body sleeps, the body organs go into recharging mode and if a lot of food is still in body your organs first have to dissolve eaten food and slow metabolism during sleep would cause ineffective recharging due to over-burdening work.

secondly if you stop eating by 9 pm and than stay awake till 2 am in the morning, this is also bad because your organs would not be getting little energy to process, so if you are waking till late night than better is to have a little gulp of juice or a quarter sandwich rather than starving your organs and causing other health issues. Just make sure not to eat heavy carbs after sun set


Try developing healthy eating habits and healthy eating timings so that you never have to worry about weight gain. Live a balanced life between eating and working and sleeping.

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