I think every girl’s love for make up starts with eye looks, or at least in my case how it started. You can make your eyes look edgier,bigger sometimes rounder with smart eye make up tricks. And all you to need to begin with along with obviously will power is a few eye colors to test with in perfecting your skill. And as you begin you are never sure if you will actually continue it for long or not, so you don’t want to waste money into expensive eye shadow colors.

At the same time I would suggest, in the beginning buy low end but good quality products, keep practicing with them and once you feel make up is your thing or has become your thing you can move on to expensive products (and if actually make up becomes your thing you will naturally start finding good products on internet because your interest would guide you to those products) but for now buy something that is good but not costly.

Here are three palettes that I began my make up tries with, and I still have these palettes and I still very much use them on daily basis, so it’s not that they are for only beginners and not worth using for others.

1: Luscious Cosmetic’s I Love Eye shadow Palette


I love eye shadow palette is perfect for a beginner because the colors are not super pigmented and one application does not apply whole lot of product so if one goes wrong at first attempt you can always fix it easily with second or third application. The palette comes in four different sets and each set provides variety of 12 shades.

availability: easily available in any shop and online

this one is my palette, survived after a lot of falls

A) Packing of palette:

The palette comes in card box with light foam around the palette itself. The palette itself is made of good quality plastic, it has not broken though my palette fell quite a few times. But the cover of palette I mean the lid has gotten detached from the base after quite many falls but not in the beginning. The palette has one applicator with cushion tops on both sides. And the lid has one big mirror attached to it on the inside.All the colors are quite powdery and matte (they are not shimmery at all) and therefor they are quite good for daily use.

B) PRICE: 1150 Rupees Pakistani


1.diverse color range

2.easily blend-able

3. big mirror inside the palette’ lid and quite good applicator as well

4.build up color tendency (you can enhance shade with multiple application according to your choice

5.travel friendly

6.cost effective as compared to other brands

7.best quality is that they are vegan and cruelty free (which is very rare for a Pakistani brand)


1- all palettes have some shades that are doubly available rather than a new separate color like my palette has two yellows and two blues of almost same shade

2- some shades are too bland like you need too hard application to get the color out of them

E)Swatches of Luscious Palettes



The palette is one of my favorites because the colors are super pigmented, with one swatch you get a lot of product. All the colors are subtly shimmery that you can easily use them for daily use and not dry powdery at all that you have to force application for getting color. The fall out is very less, which means that while applying on eyes the color does not fall too much under the eye area or on cheeks. But since the colors are super pigmented one needs good practice because if one application goes outside boundary or not as desired you have to start from beginning because a little color of this palette goes a long way. The palette comes in four different sets and each set provides variety of 12 shades.

availability: easily available in any shop and online

A)Packaging of Palette

The packaging is simple card box in black color with colorful dots on top, the palette comes in foamy covering.The palette itself is made of really good plastic, like it happens to most of my make up, it fell a lot on ground and did not break at all, even the lid remained intact till now. The colors have also survived the falls though pigmented colors usually break and spread after a single fall. The palette has a huge mirror inside the lid.

B)Price: 300 to 400 Rupees Pakistani


1- super pigmented colors

2- each palette has colors for daily use like browns and sharps colors for party and events

3- each palette has some matte and mostly shimmery shades so you can use according to occasion and mood

4-comes with applicator with cushion on both sides

5-big mirror

6-travel friendly because of good quality plastic and light weight

7- extremely cost effective


I have not found any specific con except that like most eye shadow palettes some shades are doubly repeated like I have three pink in my palette and two are exactly same shade

E) Swatches of colors from Rivaj palette



Most colors in the palette are shimmery and very finely pigmented, once you apply it looks that they are part of your skin, they get so easily blended that one does not need continuous brush blending. The quality of colors is really high end and the colors have minimum to no fall out. The palette comes in many different ranges with 12 colors in each palette. The colors are in smaller quantities as compared to Luscious and Rivaj Palettes. And most palettes have brown shades more than others

Availability: not easily available in different shops. Alfatah might have it but mostly you have to order it online.

A)Packaging of Palette

The palette where I bought from did not come in any box, the palette itself was just handed to me. The lid is of low quality and can get broken if falls hard. There is no mirror but comes with double sided cushion applicator.

B) PRICE: 500 -600 Rupees Pakistani


i) highly quality product, super pigmented

ii) very subtle but effective shimmer

iii) some shimmery shades can be even used as light highlighter

iv) very light weight, super travel friendly

v) best for daily use because of neutral shades and subtle but effective application


1- no mirror

2- too many brown shades in all palettes

3- less product in each tray

4-cheap packaging of colors

E) Swatches of colors from palette


All of these palettes are not just for beginners rather can be used by any one who uses make up on daily basis because you can’t spend too much on daily use products because it finishes really quickly. For beginner I mentioned because at start you just don’t know which one to get and why, so these are good for start. Secondly if you ask me out of these three which one you should go for if you want to buy only one palette than Rivaj is best choice, it has multiple colors, both with and with out shimmers, good packaging and super cost effective.

Hope you liked this article. Do share it with your friends and give me your feed back that would help me to write more for you guys.

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