Before I proceed with what I want to say please don’t lecture me on, it is their life so let them live. Because my answer will be same as always, if you share something with public, public has the right to react and I am one of the public: P

Ok so Naomi Ansari, the amazing fashion designer threw this extravagant Aftaar party for an array of celebrities. No doubt, everyone looked beautiful, stylish and outstanding as celebrities mostly do. Perhaps such a party is a designer’s way of promoting their brand among people who can afford their brand, but what is the problem with calling them Aftaar parties?

Well, everything!

Fasting has a unique concept of restraining to eat to feel what people who have nothing or almost nothing to eat go through. Secondly, Ramadan is all about inclusivity meaning you want to promote this idea of simplicity, equality and togetherness. Such Aftaar parties are completely over throwing the very essence of this occasion of Ramadan. We are showing common people that Ramdan is not about spiritual cleansing but more about who throws a better party, a much expensive one and with most people invited. Before Nomi Ansari, Maya Ali threw an Aftaar party and it was quite much like this one, many celebs with expensive clothing, selfies and social media promotions were invited, and the trend keeps on growing and expanding.

I am not saying that these celebs do not do anything for poor people or they do not reach out to the deserving masses, perhaps they out do us in their works of kindness and charity, but when you have a large following and influence a certain responsibility falls on your shoulder in terms of setting standards as well, whether you want it or not. And as a responsible influencer you got to be sincere with the society that you breathe in. If you keep it personal what you do for God, perhaps it is good to keep extravagant display of your life in the form of Aftaar parties personal too, if they are just for the purpose of meet and greet among celeb friends. Otherwise for brand promotions such lavished events can be thrown on any day of the year.

We live a society, where people believe in feeling superior for having bigger house, bigger car not because of the comfort but because they can belittle their social circle with show off, a society where people keep their faces by taking heavy loans to have extravagant shaadies/weddings just to make sure that their relatives or friends don’t take them inferior, in such a culture rather than promoting and celebrating simplicity we are fanning the idea of competitive display of wealth and luxury. This trend was sadly and very proudly promoted by Aiman and Muneeb Khan’s shaddy that lasted for multiple days with multiple events with over the top clothes and pricey jewelry and excessive events set-ups, is now reinforced in such a hurtful and bad way by this luxurious aftaar parties new toxic trend.

People, the general public, especially on social media should not promote these events with awe and exuberance, rather they should praise and uplift celebs who celebrate occasions with simplicity and try to set the right standards, like Amna Babar the super model ,she had a very simple wedding or Iman Ali’s simple dressing on her wedding. We, especially people with education, awareness and reach, should promote right standards taking it as our moral duty towards our society for being among the privileged class with awareness and education.

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