Alias Grace [TV Series Review]


A woman, who is apparently framed for a murder and spends most of her young adulthood in prison, is taken on as a psychology case by a psychologist. Her narratives baffles the doctor, he and the viewers are not able to decide if she was actually a murderer or a vehement pretender.

Why should you watch?

  1. Not another typical crime series with FBI.
  2. The story explores life styles of 18th century Irish people.
  3. Explores mind psychology
  4. Keeps you hooked to join pieces
  5. Suspenseful without violent killing scenes

Who should watch?

People who like

  1. drama series
  2. Slow moving plot
  3. human Psychology based works
  4. 18th century life experience

Number of seasons

only 1 so far

How I rate it: 4/5

IMDb rating: 7.9/10

Best quotes from the series  are as follows :

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