Author: Bushra Ahmed

People, generally, start working on their skin when some specific event or occasion is about to come. You cannot instantly get radiant and glowing skin by one expensive facial or crazy scrubbing, you need to invest some time on your regular skin care because your skin care routine will eventually contribute not only to a beautiful skin, but it will also help you in delaying aging. With the passage of time you get wrinkles, fine lines etc a good skin care routine will slow down the impact of time and environment. So, follow a good skin care routine for graceful aging. And here is a complete step by step guide line

1) Morning routine:

Step 1 Use Face wash: Rinse your face with a good face wash instead of a soap in order to wash away the excess oil released by your pores throughout the night.  Gently rub the face wash clockwise and anticlockwise for 2 to 3 times to boost the blood circulation. Cleansing wakes up the sleepy skin, removes dead skin cells, oil, impurities from pores, and gives you a balanced base prepared for your next skincare steps. Usually Soap gives a dry and stretchy feel while facewash gives a smooth and light feel.

Step 2 Use Tissue paper: damp your face with a tissue paper instead of a towel. Damping will keep your face hydrated and gives you a soft feel rather than a complete dried skin.

Step 3 Toner: Do use toner on your face to provide direct hydration. As toner is a water-based skin care product so it is a massive direct mineral source for your skin. A lot of toners have rose water, cucumber juice or any water-based ingredient. (Use can try a home-made cucumber toner. Click the link for recipe)

Step 4 Apply Lotion: once your toner is absorbed give 30 to 40 sec rest to your skin then apply any good quality lotion/moisturizer to protect your upper layer of skin from damage, imperfection and dryness. You can even apply baby oil as a moisturizer.  (How to properly apply baby oil properly as moisturizer, click the link)

Step 5 Sunscreen cream: if you are or going out for work or even if you will stay home all day, must apply any sunscreen cream. This step is necessary for all those who are living in hot areas.

2) Night routine:

Step 1 Remove makeup: Do not go to the bed without cleaning off your makeup even if you are tired a lot because if you sleep in your makeup your pores get clogged and it also results in dull skin, black heads and acne etc. so always use make up remover wipes to remove make up, or any good make up remover water etc.

Step 2 Use cleanser:  Use a good quality cleanser at night before going to bed for removing the dirt and oil built up during the whole day on your face.

Step 3 Use moisturizer: Before applying any moisturizer, you can spray a bit of rose water on your skin; tap it well on your skin. Then use any good moisturizer to prevent your skin from over dryness. If someone has oily skin, good oil free moisturizers are available in the market.

Step 4 Eye cream: Either you have dark circles, fine lines, under eye puffiness, or not in both cases apply an eye cream. Look for an eye cream that is specific to your skin and apply it after moisturizing. I use Eveline eye cream and it has proven good for me.

3) Weekly routine:

Step 1 Exfoliate:  Even with daily skin wash, your dead skin cells keep building up little by little and thus collects dirt and roughness. This causes break outs, cracks, blemishes, roughness and clogged pores. For exfoliation use any good scrub.

Step 2 Use face mask:  To remove the roughness and sebum built on your skin use any good quality mask or better to use DIY home made face mask (follow the link for our home-made face mask).

Depending on the skin type you can even use clay mask or charcoal mask etc. Apply the mask on your skin until it gets almost dry. Then gently massage the mask with your fingers and then wash it with water.

Note: If/as your mask starts itching, wash away the mask from your face.

Step 3 Wash sheets and Towels: Skin is considered very sensitive. Uncleanliness can cause infection to your skin. So, make cleanliness a necessary step in your beauty regime. Change and properly wash your bed sheets, pillowcases, combing brushes, makeup brushes and towels etc. Clean all essentials that have direct connection with your skin. Even disinfect your mobile cases. As dirt and germs can damage your skin in long run. Use any safe chemical detergents to clean such stuff.

Note: Dettol is best to kill all the unforeseen germs.

4) Monthly routine:

Step 1 Professional facial: We do not spend much money on ourselves. We consider it as extravagant spending.  As we have heard that health is wealth. So, we must take care of ourselves and should spend money on us once in a while. We should take a professional facial package from a good beauty salon once in a month. Beauty parlors provide different packages of facial. We can choose any by keeping our pockets into account. Everyone is not able to have facial from salon, all those can purchase a good facial kit depending on the skin type and can do it on their own, many good YouTube tutorials are available for such purposes.

Note: Hollywood Company’s facial products are effective to use, I am regular user of several of their products though don’t like their scrubs at all.

Some General Suggestions:

i) Drink a lot of water. Minimum 2 liters of water should be taken.

ii) Mix any vitamin E or C capsule in your moisturizers before applying to skin with the suggestion of the doctor.

iii) Wash your face with cold water. It helps in closing the open pores of your skin and it tightens your skin.

iv) Apply some good quality lip balm or Vaseline on your lips regularly to keep your lips moisturized all day.

v) Get enough sleep.

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